Patterns of Empires and State Expansion

Topics: Han Dynasty, Confucius, Qin Dynasty Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: March 28, 2011
In comparing the Qin and Han Dynasties, both are easily recognizable with the Conrad Demarest Model of Empires however, both have easily recognize differences such as, the administrating of powers, the fall of the empire, and ideologies. Both dynasties match up with the Conrad Demarest Model of Empires. The Qin Dynasty had all of the necessary preconditions for the rise of an empire. The Han Dynasty had some necessary preconditions for the rise of an empire, but not all. It did have a main reason for falling, a revolution. By definition, both dynasties were empires.

The Qin and Han Dynasties had different methods of distributing power amongst the empire. The Qin Dynasty matched up with the Conrad Demarest Model of Empires, because it had state level government, and several small states with no clearly dominant state. The Qin Dynasty had forty administrative units called “commadaries”. Each was staffed with three leading officials; one civil authority, one military authority, and one inspector representing the emperor. The officials were responsible for keeping one another balanced. The Han Dynasty is much unlike that of the Qin Dynasty. The Han Dynasty only had a strong central government, not small states like the Qin had. The Hans distribution of power does not align with the Conrad Demarest Model of Empires.

The falls of the Qin and Han Dynasties differ, though not drastically. In the Qin Dynasty, the reason for the fall was systematic problems, contests for power, fear, and disloyalty. Each resulted from one another. Systematic problems caused uproar, and a contest for power among officials. The contest for power caused fear and disloyalty amongst the citizens, who didn’t know what else to do. This fall does not exactly line up with the Conrad Demarest Model of Empires. The fall of the Han Dynasty did match up exactly with the Model of Empires though. In the fall of the Han Dynasty, there were many revolutions. The main revolution, which in the end cause...
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