Topics: Nationalism, Fascism, Nazi Germany Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: April 7, 2007
We saw during WWII the rise of fascism, Nazism, and radical nationalism. However, the cause that the propaganda touted was in direct contrast to the means by which the oppression was carried out. Dictators that preached a supreme and pure race (desiring the cleansing of anti-Christian blood) propagated the worst forms of mass extinction yet initiated. No signs of Christianity or supremacy would by evident from an objective spectator. Yet we did. We saw all kinds of grounds and justification for the maintenance of a culture which did not even exist. For love of country; (noble words) but do they mean country or cause. When nationalism becomes something of an ideal rather than devotion, it becomes very dangerous. When patriotism becomes more like nationalism, it is a total decay of truth. Patriotism is a sacrifice and loyalty of individuality for the sake of common belief. However, when nationalism and patriotism cannot be discriminated, they both are simply a battle cry. Sacrifice is substituted for national pride, and nobility for determination and perseverance. Not many of us can admire a man with such determination to kill another that he will discard all self-preservation to do so. Time and time again though we are able to justify and even respect the "patriotism" of men unable, or dare I say unwilling to hold themselves to the very ideals that they are fighting for. Patriotism has become, to them the standard of truth. However, it no longer is something to be attained, but simply something possessed.
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