Patron Client Model

Topics: Crime, Gang, Organized crime Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Fannie Mcmillian

Discussion Questions
. What is organized crime? What are some examples of organized crime? What are similarities among various criminal organizations? Explain your answer. . What is a patron-client network or organization? What are distinctions between bureaucratic and patron-client organizations? Why are they important for understanding organized crime?

Organized crime is an activity linking a quantity of people in secure group dealings, structured on a hierarchical origin through at most three levels of position, for the rationale of securing income and influence by appealing to lawful actions and criminal activities. Levels in the chain of command and positions concerning well-designed specialization could be assigned on the foundation of affiliation or alliance, or logically assigned according to expertise. The positions are not reliant on the persons occupying them at any particular instant. Permanency is unspoken by the members who make every effort to maintain the activity fundamental and active in search of its goals. It ensures rivalry and strives for control on a business or territorial basis, a willingness to use violence and bribery to achieve ends or to maintain discipline. Membership is controlled, even though non-members may be drawn in on an incident basis. The organization has precise written, oral and rules, which are impose by sanctions that incorporate murder (Abadinsky, 1990). Examples of organized crimes are embezzlement, gambling, extortion, auto theft, trash collection, and waste disposal. Adult entertainment, prostitution, and more complex activities such as computer crimes and also money laundering. The similarities between various criminal organizations are they all use violence to retain order and threats to ensure cooperation for financial gain. Members are discipline maintaining consisted cash flow and ongoing business ventures. The organization seeks to be immune from the reaches of...
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