Patriotism: Debut Singles and Country

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Patriotism means supporting your government during times of war

I have put a question mark for this one. I can see how this makes sense, but I can see the other side. Patriotism is defined as love or devotion to ones country. Being devoted to your country means that you are willing to do whatever for your country for its well being. What if the best thing for your country is for it not to go to war? For you to preserve everything your country has stood for, you must go against what it stands for today. Sometimes you must go against someone because you know it is what is best for them. When a mother says no to her child, she is saying no for a reason, not because she hates her child, but because she knows what is best. Who knows what is best for a country than the people living inside of it? They have to suffer through the decisions made by those who don’t have to suffer through them. Patriotism can mean supporting your country despite what it wants.

The other side of the coin is supporting your country despite what you want. If your country wants to go to war, let it. Shouldn’t the people making the war decision know better of the consequences of war? Well, that all depends on how ignorant your society is. Ignorant people will believe anything because they are waiting for something to believe in. Patriotism is defined as love or devotion to your country. Love so strong for your country, that you are willing to over look your own problems with war, that you can let the country go because it knows best. When parents let their child go off to college, they are letting their child go because they know that it is what is best for the child despite their fear of loss. They know it’s what they have to do. The difference between the example in the first paragraph and this example is, the child knows what is best. Throwing in the variable of ignorance makes this concept so easy to change. The only way the first example works is the mother knowing better than...
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