Patrick Henry Speec

Topics: Rhetoric, Sentence, Military Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Patrick Henry’s Speech to the Virginia Convention

* Henry warns patriots to lower their demands of the British, or else prepare themselves for a fight. * The direction of listeners are specifically members of the convention. * The speech’s occasion is a meeting/convention.

* Henry’s tone is pleading.
Paragraph 1
1.) Henry’s opening lines allow him to suggest the importance of patriotism as he say “no man thinks more highly than I do of patriotism.” With caution not to spike anybody with opposing views, he inserts that “different men often see the same subject in different lights.” He does this first and foremost in his speech to show his audience that he respect and values those opinion. 2.) He means that different men see and have different perspective or view of one subject. 3.) The usage of “it” draws a pathos appeal. It’s used to manipulate and take a step and act in the world. It makes total sense, since he is making a point for the fight for freedom. I also think he doesn’t say it directly because the word alone, makes you feel without fully analyzing. In this case, patriotism is scattered across the essay with this on word. 4.) It has an ethos appeal, since it refers to God’s power. He says that fighting for freedom is God’s truth-this urges colonist to fight for freedom on behalf of their religion. 5.) Henry aligning God as Majesty and King George III as king- he praised them both but the word majesty denotes quality of one’s character as to king is just a position of authority. He places God superior to a king. Paragraph 2

6.) In paragraph two, Henry says it’s natural for men to hope for freedom and not fight. And then when he says freedom without fight is just an illusion-not possible. 7.) Henry uses allusion to myths in how Circe transformed men into pigs after charming them with singing. Pathos was efficiently created because colonist would be degraded if not free. 8.) Allusion is used once again to create authority appeal. He compares...
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