Patricians And Plebeians Essay

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The patricians and the plebeians
Introduction Ancient Roman lived under Roman Rule. Citizens were divided between the patricians who are noble and the plebeians who are the poor, the lower class. The patricians held most of the power and most of the wealth, so the plebeians felt inequality and started to fight to get more and more power. So, they created the Republic period of Rome.
Political inequality There are several developed political institutions during the Roman Republic period. The consuls, the executive power, were there. It was considered a very high title. There were two of them at any given time. They could veto each other to keep away any one consul from getting too powerful. And there was a Senate, which is elected to be the oldest and wisest of the citizens. In the early days, the consuls and senators were elected from the patricians who were mostly wealthy landowning families from
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The plebeians withdrew from the city until they were given the right to elect their own leaders. This was the beginning of the struggle of the orders. Also, there were big differences between the patricians, and the plebeians caused many conflicts. Only the patricians could participate the government. However, intermarriage law permitted to participate the plebeians to the government. From this, the plebeians started to gain more and more power.
Conclusion The plebeians knew what they were treated and what they wanted. The patricians were wealthy and political power. The plebeians in Ancient Rome was not deserved in equally than the patricians economically and politically. The plebeians wanted to live next door to the patricians. They wanted to pass the written law to walk down the same street in the same society. So, they raised their voice. They make their own assembly and tribunes to reflect their interest. At last, the plebeians could be the

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