Patricia Young

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Patricia Young
Patricia is a writer who was born in 1954 and lives in Victoria BC, she has won a lot of awards for her fiction and poetry. She is the author of nine poetry collections and one short fiction. She is married to
Terence young who is also a writer, they have 2 grown children. She taught at the University of Victoria, was an editorial assistant for the malahat review, on the board of the Victoria school of writing also as a writer or residence at multiple universities. She received the arc poem of the year award in 2009 and
2010; a few of her poems were also short listed for the CBC literary competition in 2009 and 2010.
Patricia has written 11 books. Her book “here come the moon bathers” which is more dark and tragic
And difficult then her other work, the poems in this book have wild freedom, different kinds of power, exploring themes of love, longing and loss. With grace, playfulness and a bit of anger makes these poems unforgettable. This book was nominated for the butler prize in 2008, another one of her books
“Airstream” was nominated for the butler prize and was the winner of the inaugural Metcalf-rooke award, this book has 14 stories which explore the small victories, disappointments, losses and betrayals of everyday life. This was also was named one of the globe and mail’s best book of the year. Her book
Geological Time is about relationship with a sexual partner, with children, with a shaded self. She opens
Us downward to terrors of love. In her book “Melancholy ain’t no baby” she writes about what is close up, so close to home that men can’t see. 7 out of her 11 books were either nominated or won awards.
Patricia’s most recent book she wrote is An Autoerotic History of swings it was published on September
25th 2010 in the Victoria art gallery, it is a collection of poems about sex and god, gender issues and feminism, ecological issues and the domestic sphere. One of her other books “More Watery Still”

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