Patriarchy in Ancient Greek Societies

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October 15, 2011

Psyche and Eros-The Lady and the Monster.

The Myth of Psyche and Eros was told from one generation to the next, and in these six paragraphs, I will tell you about this myth.

The rising action starts with a stunningly beautiful girl, Psyche, is born after two older sisters. People throughout the land worship her beauty so deeply that they forget about the goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite becomes angry that her temples are falling to ruin, so she plots to ruin Psyche. She instructs her son, Eros, to pierce the girl with an arrow and make sure that no one loves her... EVER! But when Cupid sees Psyche in her radiant glory, he shoots himself with the arrow instead. [pic]

The climax of the story occurs as; Psyche and her family become worried that she will never find a husband, for although men admire her beauty, they always seem content to marry someone else. Psyche's father heads to the oracle to seek help from the gods. And the gods say that it is Psyches destiny that she shall marry a monster. They instruct her to go to the top of a hill, where she will marry. Psyche bravely follows the instructions and falls asleep on the hill. When she wakes up, she discovers a stunning mansion. Going inside, she relaxes and enjoys fine food and luxurious treatment. At night, in the dark, she meets and falls in love with her husband.

The falling action beings with Psyche. As she lives happily with him, never seeing him, until one day she tells him that she is lonely; she begs to see her sisters. Her husband replies that it would be fine to do so. When they visit, they become extremely jealous of Psyche's beautiful mansion and lush quarters. They deduce that Psyche has never seen her husband, and they convince her that she must sneak a look. Confused and conflicted, Psyche turns on a lamp one night as her husband lies next to her. When she sees the beautiful Eros asleep on her bed, she weeps for her lack of...
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