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Writing 1st
23 October 2013
The Children in the Woods
It was hot summer afternoon. I was hanging out with my close friends, Bailee, Jason, Mark, Dalton, and Richie. We hung out every day during the summer. This time we decided to do something interesting, so we went to Mark’s family cabin, located near the lake. Mark told us that he and his family haven’t been there in years, so we were going to have to go clean it up, and go grocery shopping for the weekend. This was going to be one awesome summer I thought to myself, as we were about to roast marshmallows and sit around the bon fire that we had made. “So when do you guys think we should go?” I asked. “Well I was thinking tomorrow around 3:00.” Mark told us. “That’s a great time, I’ll email our parents and ask them, and hopefully they say yes, also we can take my dad’s SUV.” Bailee commented. After the bon fire, we all headed home. When I got home I started to pack for tomorrow. I was very excited. Hours and Hours passed by it was finally 10:00am. I had to get up and get ready and meet everyone over at Bailee’s house to pack up the car. I finally made it to her house using my car. I was going to leave it there and when we came back drive myself home. Today was just such and good day to go in the woods, and be by the lake.

Everyone was already at the house by the time I made it there. We all had some breakfast, and we went on our way. First stopping for gas and then, going shopping for the 4hour car ride. We decide when we got there that we would just go shopping somewhere close by. It was at least 2 hours on the road. We got on the road about 3:00, and didn’t get there until 7:30pm. “What a long drive,” Jason exclaimed. Jason was the one who did drive to whole way so I guess he was really tired. “Patra, and Bailee can share the master bed room, and me and the guys will go get our own rooms.” Mark told us. We all go out of the car with our bags and all. “This is huge.”...
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