Patients like me case study

Topics: Health care provider, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: March 1, 2015
To: Jame + Ben HeyWood
Re: Patients Like Me: An Online Community of Patients
Patients Like Me is an online community that allows patients to share information with other patients who suffer from similar diseases. The widespread request for a General Platform is under consideration because it can potentially reel in profit in term of knowledge for the online community and greater cash flow for the company.

PLM is a community with over 80,000 members who share information with and learn from other patients with similar disease. It is currently a niche market because the community only caters to specific types of diseases such as ALS and epilepsy. However, the community is considering a leap by creating a General Platform to increase its profitability and accommodate the 5,000 patients’ requests.

Jame and Ben Heywood should consider GP because PLM is already a well-known and trusted brand so there will be less difficulty in obtaining new customers. The likelihood of patients staying engaged is high because PLM is offering the exact same product but on a wider scale. Expansion allows more partnership with pharmaceutical companies and eventually an option to health care providers. 1

Basis for Recommendation
Patients will remain engaged because they trust the brand
Enhance commercial opportunities because of the expansion
Meeting the demand of the 5,000 patients and 1,000 diseases requests Continue to gain even greater revenue through expansion because of the commercial opportunities that will be presented. Failure to take action result in lagging behind competitors

Assumptions and Risks
The recommended plan assumes that we will increase enrollment on the website after the expansion. It also assumes that patients will be engaged based on the trust they have placed on PLM in the past. It will be important to make sure that PLM continue to uniquely brand itself after creating GP.

Net Steps
Start by informing the...
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