Patient Processing and Reception

Topics: Physician, Rooms, Patient Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Patient processing is a huge responsibility to keep the medical office flowing as smoothly as possible. First thing is when you arrive to the office you want to make sure that the office is clean and free of clutter. Setting up the check in areas and making sure all office supplies are needed for your front office staff. Medical personal such as your nursing staff should have rooms cleaned and stocked and prepared with the necessary tools for the doctors to have available in the rooms. Pulling your charts the day before and setting them up the day before to ensure patients aren’t waiting. You would greet your patients with a smile and especially indentify the patient by name or in the case of pediatrics, greet mom or dad by Ms. Myres / Mr. Myres. Once the patient is signed in let them know the doctor will be called to a room momentarily. The waiting area should have a TV, and or books to keep patient occupied as well as the parents. If there is a delay please explain to parents why there is a delay and an appropriate time frame on when the little one will be called in. also if there are no appointments available, please advise the parent the triage nurse will speak to them and triage the patient over the phone or if you are able to accommodate a appointment work- in, please give it to them. Medical offices can be extremely busy it is basically using your medical expertise on making sure the office is run smoothly even in cases where it extremely busy.
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