Patient-Centered Care

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Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care 1

Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care

Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care 2 Patient-centered Care In the definition of patient-centered care it states that we should recognize the patient as the source of control in providing compassionate and coordinated care based on respect for patient’s preferences, values, and needs(NAP, 2003). In this quantitative teaching strategy by Pamela Ironside, PhD, RN, FAAN she aims to do that, along with physical comfort and some emotional support for the family. In a culture as diverse as the United States it is of great importance that individuals in the health care field learn to communicate and understand each patient. We must remember when implementing a communication strategy, that there are many elements that affect the experience: cultural variations, personal dignity, and interpersonal relationships. Gathering knowledge of patient’s beliefs, and values, along with community preferences can be an effective strategy to overcoming diversity and improving communication. It is important to understand not only that people are different but also how to embrace these differences in order to supply individuals with appropriate healthcare. This is a teaching strategy about a couple who thought they were doing the best for their first born child but in return was possibly going to lose them forever. There were decisions that they were going to have to make, whether to continue with the treatment or stop it. This was not a usual couple though, they were Buddhists and the staff had no idea what the rituals for death and dying were, along with looking different the couple had dread locks, tattoos, and Evidence Based Practice: Patient-centered Care 3 multiple piercings but they also were a mother and father who may be losing their baby. As the nurse introduces herself, which is every time we enter the patient’s room, she is

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