Patient Care

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Importance of Patient Care
Patient care is learning the basics of health care in order to meet the patient’s needs. Some basic concepts that are learned are: professionalism, management of illness, and safety techniques. Patient care is an essential part of the health care field because the skills learned will be used constantly to ensure patient safety. Therefore, it is important in any profession to understand every aspect of patient care. The health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also known as HIPAA, is very important to understand. It “protects the privacy of the patients” (Patient Care). Therefore all information is kept confidential unless the patient gives specific permission. HIPAA was enforced so ethical, moral, and legal issues wouldn't arise. Communication is the most effective way to express thoughts and feelings to one another. There are many types of communication such as: verbal, nonverbal and written. When dealing with patients good communication is key. It gives the Sonographer a chance to explain what will happen during the procedure. It also lets the patient ask any questions or concerns they may have before starting the procedure. To begin with, verbal communication is when one exchanges words with another by telling them exactly what they are thinking or feeling. Sonographers will use this constantly with patients when identifying themselves and explain the procedure. Nonverbal communication understands people’s body language and helps express how they feel when speech is meaningless. Using your sensory organs such as eye contact and touch, is resourceful when people are deaf or speak a different language. Written communication is used in addition since you need to have a written order to do any procedure. This type of communication helps with elderly patients who are hard of hearing. Communication can be used among people of all ages and is interpreted similarly by all cultures. “Medical terminology is the language of...

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