Patience Vs. Virtue

Topics: Sociology, Martin Luther King, Jr., African American Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Patience is a virtue. In modern society, changing the perspective of millions does not happen in one day. It takes time for the entire population to comply with the new idea. Patience is a more powerful force of social change than power.

During segregation in the United States, a woman sparked a controversy which led to the Civil Rights Movement. Rosa Parks, an African American, refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus. During this time, people of color were discriminated against and alienated from the rest of their communities. Park’s act of courage led to the colored community to boycott all buses and inspired a man who would pave the way to ending segregation. Martin Luther King Jr., a black preacher from the South, led the entire African American community toward equal rights. however, this did not happen within a short time period. It took many years for the African American community to be recognized as citizens.There were many that opposed the idea that people of color should have the same rights as the white population. With patience and non-violent protests and speeches, the entire African American community won its new social status.

Towards the end of 2012, a widespread wave of LGBT awareness emerged as a response to a government proposition called Proposition 8. This proposition banned the LGBT community from obtaining legal marriage licenses. Those who supported the proposition were mainly religious conservatives and their churches. They believed that “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” The churches are known to be a political powerhouse and the LGBT community was unable to fight and oppose Proposition 8. It seemed as if the entire population was afraid of a social change that could affect their views. However, the LGBT community did not give up. They fought and took their case up to the Supreme Court. The majority of the judges declared the enactment of Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Towards the summer of 2013, the LGBT...
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