Patience Between Gender

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To Fulfill the Needs
For Psychology 162
Psychological Measures

New Manila, Quezon City
February 16, 2012
A multi-method approach will be taken to determine the validity of a study done on 30 students. It will be sampled from Kalayaan College for partial credit in introductory psychology subjects. This study will help determine the gender that expresses more patience on different situations, such as relationships, school and career. This will help close research gaps for future studies of the same field.

Table of Contents
Problem Statement5
Research Objectives5
Operational Definitions6
Literature Review7
Perception, Impressions, and Social Categorization

Women are more patient than men, but both only last an average two-and-a-half minutes

Research Design9
Data Gathering9
Measures and Instruments9
Interview Schedule10
Data Analysis11
Scope and Delimitation12

In terms of its psychology, philosophy, theory, methodology, research, subject matter and application, psychology is governed by two, mutually exclusive, mutually contradictory paradigms. These two paradigms, patience and aggression which are fundamental traits of psychology, derive from two mutually exclusive and contradictory views of human characteristics. These two traits govern psychology in the sense that the various sub-fields of psychology serve to demonstrate the validity of either of these two views of human. Or, to say it in other words, psychological phenomena are explained by either one or the other of these views of human existence. The purpose of this study is to explore the level of patience towards individuals in their relationships, school and career achievement among students from Kalayaan College. This study also observes the relationship between the level of patience and confidence towards individual achievement. This research uses one set of questionnaire to gather data. The descriptive and inferential statistics analyses are used to analyze all the research questions. The research findings reveal that the level of patience and confidence towards problem solving are medium. The findings also show that there is significant relationship between the level of patience and individuality towards different field achievement. Finally the research draws conclusion and recommendation based on students' attitude towards problem solving and the ways to improve students' achievement in all aspect of interests.

Problem Statement

Research Objectives
The aim of this study is to help individuals of different sexes to improve themselves. To be able to identify which gender has more patience when it comes to relationships, schoolwork, career and daily activities when they associate with different people. Hence we are focusing on patience because it has a positive implication and connotation on a person’s individuality. As Psychology majors, our aim is to help them have a more stabilized psychological and emotional input on things that may help them get a better reflection on situations. Thus by helping them have a better psychological and emotional input, they will also have a better output, considering the maturity and rationalization of these individuals.

Operational Definitions

Patience is the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune,  and pain, without complaint, loss oftemper, irritation, or the like. An ability or willingness to  suppress restlessness orannoyance when confronted with delay. Quiet, steady perseverance;  even-tempered care.

Literature Review
Perception, Impressions, and Social Categorization
We have all heard it at least once from our mothers-"Patience is a virtue." In fact, it is true that patience is a virtue. Patience is the ability...
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