Pathos: Barack Obama

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Pathos: Barack Obama’s Presidential Commercial
In the political commercial of Barack Obama, he starts off by talking about his hard past and how his family and he struggled to make ends meet. He connects with the common people through his past hardships and struggles. He is a man who emphasizes value and hard work to get his point across and to bring success to the people. This commercial uses pathos with the images, which utilize his rough background, with his attire and the way he applies his soft, yet effective voice to connect with his people. To begin with, Barack Obama's attire presents himself laid back and understanding. He is not wearing a tie and is generally business casual. This means that yes, he is about business and looking out for the best of the people of the United States, however, he is still relaxed and down to earth. It also shows he is humble and a people’s person. It is the type of look where he can relate to the people, but still be professional and accomplish his tasks. In addition, Obama looks comfortable and relaxed. He does not look “fake”; he is not trying to play the “cool, calm, and collective” role, his commercial shows that it is as real as it gets when it comes to Barack Obama.

In the commercial, Obama’s information of his past exhibits an excellent example of pathos. He grew up with a single mom and his grandparents, which in today’s era is common. When a person grows up with his or her grandparents, they are taught the old ways- respect, honesty, and discipline. This has helped him become a role model and a respectable person that everyone can look up to. Barack Obama also grew up with humble ways. Since his family struggled to make ends meet, he learned that life was not easy. However he developed the character qualities of self-reliance, self confidence, respect, and dignity. He worked his way through life by taking loans for college, and working to pay them off. He as well mentions that he rejected job...
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