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Pathophysiology Final exam review


1.The study of diseases that can cause abnormalities in the structure of function of the organ systems in the body is _____________.

2.The measurable characteristics that the patient exhibits as a result of the disease process are referred to as _____________.

3.The characteristics that the patient feels and describes as a result of a disease are ______.

4.Alterations of cell growth are known as ________.

5.Adverse patient conditions caused by treatment by a physician are known as ________.

6.If the underlying cause of a disease is unknown, it is termed ____________.

7.Infections contracted within the healthcare facility are _______ infections.

8.Contagious diseases contracted outside the healthcare facility are _______ infections.

9.The immediate response of the body to local injury is ____________.

10.As a result of inflammation, there are four overlapping responses which are:
a. __________ b. __________ c. __________ d. __________

11.The term ________ describes the ability of fluids to pass from one structure to another.

12.Inflammatory ______ causes the swelling associated with inflammation and is caused by protein-rich fluid resulting in pressure and pain.

13.Fibrous scar tissue replaces destroyed tissue with _______ tissue.

14.Fibrous scars are a result of strong connective tissue contracting to form a/an _________ in the abdomen.

15.A protruding tumor-like scar known as _______ results from an accumulation of excessive amounts of collagen.

16.List the 5 clinical signs of acute inflammation.
1. _______ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________

17.Microcirculation at the injury site results in ______ and ______.

18.Swelling because of the exudate is also known as ___________.

19.As a result of the swelling, the pressure on the nerve endings causes _____ and possible ________.

20.The presence of _______...
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