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Benchmark Assignment: Evidence- Based Practice Project-Paper on Diabetes Chisom Okpara Grand Canyon University NRS- 410V 10/27/14 Evidence-Based Practice Project- paper on Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease condition characterized by increase in blood glucose level. It is a chronic disease that affects both young and old. It also affects pregnant women, a condition known as (Gestational diabetes). Due to its chronic nature, diabetes is one of the diseases listed to cause stroke and cardiac diseases. However, with good nutrition, physical activity and weight loss, diabetes can be prevented and controlled thereby lowering associated diabetes complications like diabetic retinopathy, limb amputation due to gangrene and infection caused by diabetes because in diabetes, wound healing is delayed and kidney failure ( Tuomi, T. (2005). Hence, the purpose of this paper is to provide the summary of the diabetes disease process, diagnostic tool and the intervention. Summary of the disease process.

Diabetes occurs when the beta cells which are located inside the islets of langerhans normally found in pancreas fail to produce insulin due to dysfunction (CDC, 2010) Diabetes is a chronic disease that need proper medical attention and patient self management knowledge because it can deteriorate other body systems. Diabetes can be classified as Type 1 (insulin dependent); Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body fails to perform insulin production function and it affects children and young adult but with insulin therapy, they can easily be treated. Type 2 ( Non – insulin dependent), this type occurs...

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