Pathological Gambling Intervention

Topics: Addiction, Problem gambling, Gambling Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Behavioral and Environmental Factors
When looking at pathological gambling we ask ourselves how someone gets to the point of addiction. In that regard there are both internal and external factors, beahior and environment related aspects leading to someone’s impulsive urge to gamble. Speaking of which, impulsivity can be a direct factor of a pathological gambler, Impulsive people are naturally more prone to gambling problems because of their nature and personality. That is not to say that all impulsive people will develop gambling habits or problems but they could if the right factors were in play at the right times. Inability to control impulses and also inability to delay gratification are two major impulsivity-related symptoms of pathological gamblers (McCormick & Taber, 1988). Other behavior factors include, coping strategies, high stress levels, family history, gender as males tend to be more prone to this affliction and “Pathological gamblers have been known to also exhibit antisocial behavior which is related to the impulse control disorder causing antisocial behavior such as exhibited in antisocial personality disorder” (Slutske et al., 2001). The environment one grows up in Also plays a valuable role in understanding gambling. It’s a common misconception that pathological gamblers are only those that are near major casinos. That can be a tendency but in todays society technology has opened the door to universal in gambling before impossible. With computers and the internet people are now able to gamble straight from their homes on sports, online poker, etc. This boom in technology has allowed more people, from more places and economic statuses and younger ages be able to easily get involved in gambling. Our group even met a professional gambler who would have all of his bets placed on his computer before noon and then do nothing the rest of the day. Technology has extended the reach of gambling to social circles that before may have not been affected....
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