Paternalistic Family

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I have came from a strict family. My household was based of 2 boys and three girls. But I would say that yes, I came from a paternalistic family. Even though it was more girls than boys, my brothers was older and things were different. My father having a strict background he raised me and my siblings by strict rules. The men were to protect the women. And the women was raised to cook, clean, and become a ideal housewife. Growing up I wouldn’t think that I had a good childhood because I couldn’t have many friends. I couldn’t hang with any males even male cousins, uncles, or whoever. And my father would always tell his girls” Im just giving you the tools you need to protect yourself.” I never understood that. Until now. I would say that my brothers had more freedom than the girls, and it wasn’t because of their age. It was because of their sex. And my father wasn’t the only one who was that strict it was all my uncles and great cousins. So that kind of destroyed my relationship with my family when I grew up. Because I just don’t raise my daughters to cook and clean and become a good wife to a man. I raise all my kids the same boys and girls to grow up and take care of their things. My kids have the same curfew and same responsibilities. But growing up in a paternalistic family have some advantages too. There are things you could do now that would benefit your future self, at the expense of your present self. If a paternalist really does have a lower discount rate in this way, they could justify all kinds of interventions that benefit someone’s future self: preventing suicide, reducing smoking, encouraging exercise, requiring people to save for emergencies and retirement, and so on.
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