Patch Adamas

Topics: Physician, Hospital, Patch Adams Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Reaction Paper
Patch Adams

Hunter Adams got his nickname “Patch” when he helped a patient in the mental institution. I admired how he tried to behave like the patients do so that he can attend to their needs and to reach out to them. This is almost similar to what Jesus did, he became human in order for us to understand Him and for us to be saved. From then on, he realized that he wanted to help people. He became enlightened that his purpose is to serve other people and that is what he wanted to do. After sometime, he enrolled himself into a medical school wherein he believed that the doctor’s role is not to prevent death but to improve the quality of life. His way of improving the quality of life of the patients is by addressing to their needs and making them happy. I was deeply moved when he acted out as a clown in the pediatrics ward where mostly children diagnosed with cancer belongs. As I have observed, when Patch entered the ward, the children were sad and unenergetic but when Patch did his hilarious moves that would surely make the children laugh out loud, the room was filled with joy and laughter. The mood became light and happy. Some of the children even jump up and down their beds with glee. It came to the point where Patch wanted to build a hospital that uses humor to heal pain and suffering, where joy is a way of life, learning is the highest aim and love is the ultimate goal. At first it goes well but then things got complicated when Carin died. Patch almost lose hope and abandon the hospital but as he reflected on it, he got back on his foot again and continue on what Carin would have wanted him to do, and that is to serve other people. I like the way he defines what a doctor is. A doctor is someone who helps someone else. There are times when I think of myself as a doctor and one of the questions that always pops into my mind is that “What if my patient dies?” He made me realize that we should not be afraid of death. He made me realize...
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