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Topics: Marketing, Preference, Consumer theory Pages: 4 (1577 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Jireh Jeanne Lao
Journal Critique on A Conjoint Analysis of the Passenger Car Market by Doctor Marvin Cruz Submitted to Doctor Danilo Te

Conjoint Analysis was the statistical technique used by Doctor Marvin Cruz in determining preferences of passenger car buyers. Conjoint Analysis is a type of multivariate statistical technique that examines how respondents develop preferences for products. It is used in marketing research to determine how different features of a product affect the buying behavior in the consumer's mind. The objective is to determine the proper combination of a limited number of attributes which influences consumer's mind the most and affects the buying behavior. Conjoint Analysis is done by showing the respondents a controlled set of potential products and analyze how the consumers made their preferences or how they rank the different attributes and then marketing researchers may be able to determine the values of each attributes. The values can be used by the company to develop new products, improve old ones and generate revenue.

In his study, he stated that Filipino Passenger car owners consider attributes when deciding upon a passenger car. According to him, Filipinos put more importance on price than on any other attribute.

In his journal, Doctor Marvin Cruz considered interaction effect as a predictive technique in marketing research. An interaction effect is a respondent's choice between two or more attributes in which interactions influence respondent's choices. In his journal, he discussed about two automobile passenger car namely: Toyota 1.3-liter Vios and Honda 1.3-liter City. He cited that some consumer s may prefer to buy Toyota 1.3-liter Vios for no more than PHP 539,000.00 but some respondents may prefer to buy the Honda 1.3-liter City at a higher price than PHP539,000.00 because they view it as a more prestigious car than Toyota. The choices according to Doctor Cruz, is influenced by interaction between two...
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