Patagonia Clothing Company

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Patagonia Clothing Company

Watch this video:
Answer these questions:
1. What series of events caused Yvon Chouinard, the CEO of Patagonia, to switch to using organic cotton in their manufacturing facilities?

2. Patagonia stresses the importance of hiring employees with passion – a passion for anything, not just sports. Why do they place such importance upon passion?
Yvon Chouinard believes that there are two kind of thinking approach of people, these are as under :-
1)Western Approach :- People used to bye every stuff.
2)Eastern Approach:- People believe in oneself and create a new thing.
So, they are giving so much intension to passion

3. What effect do you think that Patagonia’s practice of donating to environmental groups has upon employee productivity and retention?

4. Name 4 ways Patagonia is reducing environmental impact and demonstrating social responsibility.

Patagonia has a great technique of reducing environmental impact and demonstrating social responsibility. These ways are as below:- 1) Reduce: - To get by with fewer clothes they have to be an excellent quality so workers can get paid, customer can satisfies and cost may be maintained. 2) Repair: - all garment facility of repairs are provided. 3) Reuse :- By re use of garments like donation etc.,

4) Recycle: - cloth can be recycle.

5. Describe Patagonia’s “One % for the Planet” program.

Ans: - It is the proportion to the NGO from the company. One type of social responsibility. The company has already donated 30 million to such organizations. It is a one type of environment program. It is a...
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