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To:               Casey Sheahan, Chief Executive Officer

From:           Mike Fowler, VP Production

Date:           February 21, 1999

Subject:       Capilene Baselayer Garments Anti-Odor Technology Consideration

Patagonia is known to have a steadfast commitment to the environment, thus as we greatly focus on our performances, technological improvements would clearly provide performance advantages for the intended use of the product. The anti-odor technology for Capilene Baselayer garments, triclosan, has raised many significant environmental and health issues. In order to maintain the company’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impacts, we should consider a new anti-microbial technology such as one that Noble Fiber Technologies have recently created, X-Static.

As a chemical treatment at the time, triclosan prevents the bacterial excretions that causes odor, which should be beneficial for our company in the market since those who have anti-odor technology were growing quickly and would adopt about 2 percent of the market. Yet, it is also a chemical used in sanitizers, soap, cutting boards, and many other hospital products that have become a registered pesticide and has found its way into the sewage treatment facilities that kills the bacteria responsible for treating wastewaters. Unfortunately, our product line that adopts this treatment constituted 15 percent of our total sales, thus the decision to stop adopting this chemical would be difficult from a marketing position, and risking financial implications from the loss of the products’ competitiveness, but not from an environmental position.

On the other hand, X-Static technology would be received as a safer alternative since it would be a viable and effective technology that virtually eliminates heavy impacts of toxic wastewater generated during manufacturing. There wouldn’t be any other alternatives suited enough for our products, such as...
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