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Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Tourism Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: December 7, 2012
1. Adopt the necessary practices to conserve the environment. 2. Contribute to the conservation of any habitat of flora and fauna. 3. Encourage relevant authorities to identify areas worthy of conservation and to determine the level of development. 4. Ensure that community attitudes, cultural values and concerns, including local customs and beliefs are taken into account in the planning of all tourism related projects. 5. Ensure that the environmental assessment become an integral step in the consideration of any site for a tourism project. 6. Comply with all international conventions in relation to the environment. 7. Comply with all national, state and local laws in relation to the environment. 8. Encourage those involved in tourism to comply with local, regional and national planning policies and to participate in the planning process. 9. Provide opportunity for the wider community to take part in discussions and consultations on tourism planning issues insofar as they affect the tourism industry and the community. 10. Acknowledge responsibility for the environmental impacts of all tourism related projects and activities and undertake all necessary responsible, remedial actions. 11. Encourage regular environmental audits of practices.

12. Foster in both management and staff of all tourism related project and activities an awareness of environmental and conservation principles. 13. Support the inclusion of professional conservation principles in tourism education, training and planning. 14. Encourage an understanding by all those involved in tourism of each community’s custom. 15. Enhance the appreciation and understanding by tourists of the environment through the provision of accurate information and appropriate interpretation 16. Establish detailed environmental policies and/or guidelines for the various sectors of the tourism industry.
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