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With reference to Vesalius, Harvey, and Pare, who made the biggest impact on medical development?

The time of the Renaissance introduced new changes and ideas to the medical world. Three important figures were Andreas Vesalius, Ambroise Pare, and William Harvey. All three made famous through their work. The question that has been raised, is which one made the most important impact in medical history?

Vesalius studied medicine with great interest. His main study was Anatomy; he became a professor for this in Italy. Here he met artists who were dissecting bodies in order to make their paintings more lifelike.

Vesalius believes it was vital for doctors to dissect bodies in order to find out about the human structure and how it works. This went against the catholic rules, which only allowed two bodies a year to dissect. Although, it did encourage other anatomists to dissect, and the public became more interested in his work. In fact, he would host public dissections to entertain the people interested in the human body.

Vesalius was one of the first important doctors to question Galen's ideas. However Galen was proved wrong by Andreas Vesalius. Andreas Vesalius was able to prove that the human anatomy was different from the animal anatomy, which Galen had used for his medical research. He wrote his first book 'The fabric of the human body', and went on to introduce surgery into the medical profession.

Pare was a Barber Surgeon who worked in the French military. He stumbled across new techniques of patient care during a battle, a chance discovery. He had run out of the oil that he usually used whilst cauterising a wound. In panic he wrapped the wounds up in linen that he had dipped into a mixture of egg whites, oil of roses and turpentine. The next day the wounds were well on the way to recovery – usually the patient had been in agony! Pare also discovered that restricting the flow of blood into a wounded area could aid treatment. This involves using...
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