Pastoral Diagnosis

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Pastoral Diagnosis
Exam 2

Spiritual addiction and spiritual abuse is when someone uses religion as an escape mechanism. It is an issue of controlling something, rather than addressing the underlining issues that has one feeling out of Control, or trying to avoid. It is a substitution of activities and rituals as a way to escape. It becomes an addiction or abuse when it begins to impair your relationships with others. Also it becomes an addiction when you begin to neglect yourself and your responsibity.

Healthy Spirituality-
Begins with self-care in my faith tradition, physically, emotionally, Intellectually and relational. Second, you love others as love yourself. First you must embrace the love God has for you and understand it and reflect on it. Then you are able to share it.

Unhealthy Spirituality- begins with the neglect of self –care holistically, which leads to the need to escape or avoidance of unresolved personal issues, as result, leads to the use of religion in a healthy manner. It leads to a judgmental l and rigid attitude of neglecting others or pushing others away. A very controlling mindset.

Paul Pruysers Seven Criteria/ Theological/ Assessment
Awareness of the Holy- what would I sacrifice myself for?
2. Providence-what is the divine purpose toward me?
3. Faith-Do I embrace life or shrink from it?
4. Grace– where is kindness in my life? Or forgivenesss
5. Repenting - what do I regret? How do I want to change?
6. Communion - Am I embedded with others, or estranged from them? 7. Vacation-what is my life purpose now and future?
Case 1
Spiritual Screening -he was raised in a Roman Catholic home, education parochial, he Participates in a religious order teacher.
Spiritual History- raised in a divorced home, which was distressful due to his catholic Viewpoint, dating was and marriage were attractive to him took a vow to be a regions leader.
Spiritual Assessment– concerns were he felt felt disorganized, had trouble, keeping...
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