Past Present and Future

Topics: Nursing, Problem solving, Education Pages: 5 (2045 words) Published: December 22, 2008
Past, Present, and Future Paper
“Impressions, what’s left behind when I leave the room,” is a quote that I found on a picture about a year ago and which I have added to my signature with all outgoing emails at work. The author is unknown; however, the quote immediately felt like a reflection of me. Since completing an associate’s degree in nursing more than 10 years ago returning to school has been an aspiration of mine. Even though personal and professional growths were unveiled everyday throughout this program, there were some uphill medical challenges faced. Nevertheless, I hope to sustain both personal and professionally growth as I continue my journey towards educational independence. This paper will be broken into three parts; of which the subject will be the reflections that I have had on where I was, where I am now, and where I see myself in the near future in regard to learning, growth, development, and many other topics. Part One: Reflect upon where you personal and professional life when you started the University of Phoenix program.

While, I was in high school I was employed at the local hospital as a nurse’s aide through the local chapter of Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA), which was held at my local high school. I had all attentions of going onto college to work toward my RN degree but was talked out my RN degree and was forced into the education route by my influential parents. I graduated with my education degree, but had no desire to work in the education field. In my heart, I knew that working within the education field; I would not be as content as if I was pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a RN, and so with much pleading to my parents, I headed back to college. After the completion of my first year of nursing, I become employed as a Registered Nurse at the local community hospital, where I began to grow and challenge myself. The plan to continue my education endeavors has always been there, but after I received my ADN, I wanted to go to the school of “real life” for awhile. I remember something that our instructors were always telling us, and that was that the “real” education would begin once a person graduated. They were so right! The level of professional competence in regard to problem solving has always been fairly good. Problem solving is a skill that has been honed in the education that I had previously to entering the University of Phoenix degree program. That and the years of experience that I had as a nurse working in the hospital setting, have improved my problem solving skills. As a nurse, problem solving skills are used on a regular basis. With each new patient who I have taken care of, each event, treatment, side effect, and patient education, the skills of problem solving are used. The skills of written and oral communication, information retrieval and the use of that information, plus the collaboration with peers as well as other professionals, are all necessary for a nurse to have in order to be an effective nurse. Part Two: Evaluate the growth you experienced during your University of Phoenix program of study.

My experiences with the University of Phoenix Online program of study have benefited me farther than I ever thought that the program would. This amazing experience had opened my eyes to a whole different way of learning. Through my courses of study, I have learned how to better problem solve various problems that may arise. I learned to now look at all aspects of the problem not only the possible solutions, as the results that could occur with any choice or answer. I have learned how to be more objective and to not put my personal feelings and opinions in the way of my professional feelings and beliefs. Because of the assortment of papers, participation requirements, or just the act of communication through the online format, I have better honed my skills in communicating with peers, professionals, students, and everyone else. I have learned how...
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