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Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Saint Peter Pages: 7 (2716 words) Published: June 7, 2015
‘Disciples of Jesus must be prepared to sacrifice everything.’ Agree Jesus taught that the disciples had to give up everything / the first disciples did leave family / jobs to follow Jesus without question / when he sent them on a mission they were to take nothing with them / they were to give their whole lives to the mission / modern Christians like Sylvia Wright, Father Damien et al. and others have demonstrated true discipleship by giving up everything for their faith / reference may be made to monks and nuns / many Christians have given their lives as martyrs. Other views Jesus taught that discipleship was about loving God and loving your neighbour / modern Christians do not give up everything / it is too difficult in today’s complex society / people who give up their job and family could be criticised / modern Christians regard themselves as proper disciples without this absolute level of self-sacrifice. (6 mark

‘The disciples make good role models for persecuted Christians.’ Agree The disciples gave up everything for faith / left families / work / followed Jesus around / tried to live up to his teaching / showed faith at times e.g. calming of storm / went out to preach and teach / tried to heal / later as apostles they maintained and spread the faith despite being persecuted / martyred themselves / they were able to demonstrate self sacrifice / take risks / they are good examples of God’s power at work. Other views They showed fear and lack of faith in the calming of the storm / James and John wanted to be the most important / they did not always understand Jesus’ teaching / the disciples ran away when Jesus was arrested / they were not there at the crucifixion / they were told off by Jesus at the Commission for their incredulity / Peter denied Jesus / Judas handed him over / they did not believe reports of the resurrection

‘The demands of Christian discipleship are too great.’
Agree Disciples have to make sacrifices / people leave their homes / families / religious men and women give up their lives / people are martyred / many of the early disciples were martyred / people sometimes have to give up work / in parts of the world it is dangerous to claim to be a Christian / people have been imprisoned because of their faith / can affect family life. Other views The rewards of discipleship were outlined by Jesus / people will receive more than they give up / there is the promise of eternal life / it gives people a way of life / you can learn a great deal / it gives a faith in the future / it offers guidance on how to live / can support families / the disciples were forgiven when they failed / Christians are forgiven when they fail.

‘Christians should do everything that Jesus did.’
Agree Jesus set a pattern of life / peace / worship / prayer and contemplation / helping those in need / preaching the kingdom of God / self sacrifice / self denial / telling the truth at any cost / remaining silent when necessary / speaking out at other times / focussing on God / curing the sick / not being cluttered by possessions / standing up for his beliefs. They may refer to those that have followed Jesus’ example and adopted a very religious life, in some cases leading to martyrdom. Other view Jesus did things which should not be repeated, e.g. the incident in the Temple / they may also say that times have changed and it is not possible to exactly imitate Jesus in the modern world / there are more possessions in society now and you just cannot live without them / not everyone can die for their beliefs / their argument may well focus on the ‘not everyone can do everything’ theme.

‘Christians can learn more from today’s religious leaders than from Jesus.’ People should learn directly from Jesus as his words were pure and are the original words of the Gospel. Jesus had only two commandments which to abide by. “Love thy neighbour as thyself” and “Love the one true God.” Some people may prefer to take their teachings...
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