Passion of the Christ

Topics: Jesus, The Passion of the Christ, Christian terms Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Last week I watched the movie The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson with one of my good friends, George. 1) The movie recalls the passion of Jesus Christ, which includes his suffering, dying and resurrection. In the movie, we were exposed to the horrible conditions that show Jesus being tortured and set to be crucified. The movie graphically shows all the pain and agony that Jesus faced on his way to death. It also contains many flashbacks that show us Jesus on the night before he died. There are also instances where the pressure of the devil is shown to us. Jesus always looks to God the Father for support, and even asks him to forgive the sins of those who persecute him. Jesus eventually dies on the cross to save us from sin. At the end of the movie, Jesus is seen alive in the tomb after his resurrection. 2) One of the strangest things that occurred in the movie was in one of the final scenes. After Jesus dies on the cross, a thunderstorm comes onto the land. To prove that everyone was dead, the centurion went to the criminals on Jesus’ sides and broke their legs to make their death come faster. When the man comes to Jesus, he sees that he is already dead, and does not break his legs. Instead, he puts a lance in his side. When this happens, blood and water flow from Jesus’ side. Scripture says that the blood and water are often shown trickling down his side. Gibson depicts a spray of blood and water gushing from Christ’s side and showering down on the startled centurion, who is believed to be converted after he witnessed this phenomenon.
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