Passing Places and Trainspotting

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Passing Places and Trainspotting.
They play I am analysing is Passing Places, by Stephen Greenhorn. It is a Scottish play from 1998 which is set in Motherwell. Alongside with this, I will also analyse the movie 'Trainspotting', a movie directed by Danny Boyle based on the novel 'Trainspotting' by Irvine Welsh. First I will focus on the main characters in the several works and analyse their development throughout the play and the movie. Afterwards I will compare the play and film, and how they each depict Scotland.

In the Scottish play Passing Places, the main characters are the two boys Alex and Brian. Of those two characters, Alex is the one who develops most during the play. In the beginning he is aggressive, angry and tough, and has nothing but hate towards his home-town Motherwell:
ALEX: Look at this place. Nothing but shoe shops and burger bars.
BRIAN: I'm starving.
It shows his feeling of disenchantment with his home-town, but also with his life. It feels like he needs to leave Motherwell, in order to discover what life really is. His life is full of emptiness, the only relationship he has is with Brian. Even his relationship with his mum is poor:
ALEX: No. Look. I just need to go away for a while. Trust me.
MUM: About as far as I could throw you2.
Throughout he changes in a better way. He learns to relax and discovers the better sides of Scotland. He has achieved some kind of tranquility, which perhaps is a result of his meeting with Mirren.
Brian is Alex's best friend. He is more clever than Alex, more sensible and more aware of the “other side” of Scotland. He has a big knowledge of Scotland and is not afraid to bombard Alex with facts during their ride through Scotland. Just as Alex, he is also seeking something besides the walls of Motherwell. He knows that there are better things, and uses the stolen surfboard as an excuse to run away from Motherwell. On their trip, he meets people who are just like him. At

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