Passage to India - Relationships

Topics: British Raj, Friendship, India Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Having been asked by Mrs. Moore at the beginning of the novel, whether British and Indians could ever be friends, Mr. Turton, the governor of Chandrapore, replied "No." Do you agree with the answer?

Explain your opinion with reference to the friendships depicted in the movie.

In the past colonisation was very common. Simply, rich, more powerful took over the poorer, less powerful. Britain colonising India is a perfect example of that. Having watched "A Passage to India" and analysed the friendships/relationships in it, we can put together a general picture of the possibility of the friendship between British and Indians in those days. Little by little the British conquered India. Yes, It was unfair for the Indians. They were treated like slaves, the British tricked the Indians onto their side and slowly managed to have massive parts of India under control. In the movie, taking in count the non-dynamic personality and the closed mindedness of the British in India, the Indians therefore automatically appeared to be inferior. It was rare for the economically successful English to respect, or see the upper social class Indians equal to them. Despite the stereotypical viewpoint, there were exceptions. The first impression I had was that the friendship between Indians and British could be possible. There are two clear examples in the movie of how they certainly can have respect towards each other. But could we call it real friendship? When Dr. Aziz met Mrs. Moore at his favourite mosque, they started off with the wrong foot. Aziz didn’t exactly like the English and yelled at Mrs. Moore not to profane this sacred place. But she turned out to be Christian, believing “God is love”. She had even taken off her shoes, respecting the native customs. Aziz was surprised, they had a chat and part as friends. Mrs. Moore is an older lady, maybe a little humble, but certainly open to everyone. She, unlike other English, is open minded and wants to learn about...
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