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 Amanda Pasquali
Assignment 4: Final Literature Review
Human Resources Management
June 29, 2014
For this literature review in Human Resources Management, I chose to research the multiple positions/faucets of Human Resources. This subject is one of great interest for it is hard to tell what exactly the Human Resource department is required to do, what their responsibilities are in the workplace to their employer and fellow employees, and finally what authority do they truly have. Even though Human Resources manages a multitude of parts in the hiring process, not all Human Resources individuals have the authority to hire the candidates that they believe to be a good fit for the organization. The downside of this is that Human Resources could still be held responsible if the applicants end up being poor fits in their hired roles. Dependent on this, is what role the Human Resources person is playing in the organization? Do they have to wear all the hats for the Human Resources department, or only one or two? Some of these various hats are being a hiring manager, service coordinator, analyst, search committee, the compliance officer, etc. With all these of hats, it seems hard to believe that some Human Resources positions are still given very little authority compared to other management positions. Through this review, I will dive into the confidentiality requirements for individuals in human resource positions, legal ramifications within Human Resources and their place in the management hierarchy various industries. To begin, I decided to search for what exactly is the Human Resource area. After a thorough search I found a citation that states the Human Resource Department is "the department or support systems responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking, skills development and tracking, benefits administration and compliance with associated government regulations " (Entrepreneur Media, 2014). To me this shows that at the beginning and ending of every career, along with each transition throughout, Human Resources is there the entire way. Interviews, applications, employee files, along with high-end corporate regulations, Human Resources is the key. Now that I know more about Human Resource Management, I dove into my research that this topic started with confidentiality for Human Resources personnel. What must they keep confidential? What must they report? What are they not obligated to keep confidential? I started my search through Google on what exactly does Human Resources have to keep confidential. The first article I found interesting was on US News in their money section titled "5 Secrets You Should Know About Human Resources" (Green, 2013). While I feel that, many employees think of Human Resources as their counterpart and the confidant within the company this website reminds a person that is a misguided thought. Human Resources works for the company and the company's agenda comes first. Now at times the employees' requests and the company's may align. For instance, if there is a corrupt manager in the ranks, the employees can go to Human Resources, who will then ensure something is done about this flaw in the management. Not for the solitary purpose to help the employee, but for it is in the best interest of the employer to weed out the bad apples and keep the good ones on board. Nonetheless, as the article points out there are far more times than not that the employers best interest out weight what is best for the employee. Take promotions for example. Many employees may feel that they have given more than their fair share to the company and deserve to be compensated better for this. While Human Resources may even agree with them, they cannot simply give out raises if the employer cannot afford it. Or if by doing so would cause many other employees to come forward demanding the same. This may cause them to lose some employees, but more often than not as long as individuals are kept on the...

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