Paschal Mystery

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Antigone Pages: 5 (1299 words) Published: December 18, 2012

1.The action of the play begins immediately with a conflict between Antigone and Ismene. What is the conflict? Antigone wants Ismene to help her bury her brother but Ismene is afraid of death and says they are only women and says she doesn't want to die with everyone hating her.

2.Antigone and Ismene are strongly contrasted in this scene. What can you tell about their characters?
Antigone is a leader and wants to do the right thing. Ismene is a follower and is too weak to defy Creon. Ismene is passive.

3.The speeches of the Chorus interrupt the action of the play to describe the battle to the audience. What do these city elders look forward to in the future?
Thebes won the war , so the elders look forward to celebrations.

4.What have we already learned about Creon before he appears on stage? What is revealed of Creon in his opening speech? we learn he is the he is Antigone's uncle. He makes a law stating that no one shall bury p-dog, Creon values the state and laws, he seem to be unwavering when it comes to the law.

5.What reason does Creon give for his ruling concerning the bodies of Polynices and Eteocles? How does the Chorus/ Leader react? Creon throws p-dogs body to the bird and dogs because he brought war on Thebes. The chorus are supportive of Creon's ruling but are to old and tired to enforces it.

6.The Sentry is a very ordinary person, even somewhat humorous. What does he want Creon to think about him? Creon think the sentry is annoying and stupid

7.The Chorus’ ode on pages 76 and 77 presents a portrait of human existence—its wonders and limitations. Restate its main idea in your own words. man has dominion over nature

8.How does the Chorus comment on the conflict of the play on page 825 as it has developed so far? the chorus say that when the laws are kept then how proud the city stands but if they are broken then what of the city then.

9.Since Greek dramas usually do not move from one setting to another, many of their actions take place offstage. What major event has taken place before this scene opens? How does Sophocles help the audience picture what has happened? (pages 825 and 826 ) the major event that happened off stage was that Antigone buried her brother and Sophocles tell the audience that he saw her do it with his own eyes.

10.How does Antigone defend her actions? (page 827)
Antigone said she did it because he is her brother and she would rather die doing the right thing than the wrong thing. she believes it is what she God would want. she said that the law was not Gods proclamation

11.Look back on the comments of the Leader from pages 82 – 89. Does the Chorus/ Leader seem to side with Antigone or Creon? the chorus side with Creon.

12.How had Ismene seemed to have changed since we first saw her in the beginning of the play? How does Antigone treat her now? she start to side with her sister Antigone but Antigone doesn’t want her help or for her to be on her side. Antigone wants Ismene to stay out of it.

13.What grave fears for Oedipus’ children does the Chorus express on pages 91 and 92? they say that generation over generation will take the compulsive rage of the enemy God.

14.How would you explain the ancient wisdom in lines 695 – 700 on page 92? it means that fate works most with those we woe with the folly as it greatest show

15.Haemon is caught in a conflict of loyalties. What methods and arguments does he use to persuade Creon to change his mind? How does he appeal to his father’s self-interest?

first Haemon sides with his father and flatters his father. then Haemon suggests that one can not always be right. Haemon says that it is wise to listen to other peoples ideas.

16.How does Creon react to Haemon’s arguments? What attitude does Creon seem to take toward...
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