Pasavento Instructions For Zup Pattern

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ZUP - a zigzag universal with patterns Pesavento. A part 1
Everyone who seriously concerns to work in the financial markets, sooner or later create the individual trading systems. Result of search of the trading system the author of given clause had indicator ZUP - a zigzag universal with patterns Pesavento . From company MetaQuotes Software the offer has acted to write clause about this indicator. I shall try to make it. In clauses the description of opportunities of indicator ZUP of version 60 (ZUP_v60) will be resulted. So it has turned out, that Broker through which the author gets access to the financial markets, use trading terminal MetaTrader 4. The standard indicators included in delivery of the terminal, did not give an opportunity for the analysis of the market in the necessary cut with necessary efficiency. The author prefers to equip that place where lives, instead of to seek happiness elsewhere. Hence, it was necessary to make so that by means of client terminal MetaTrader 4 it was possible to spend the necessary analysis of the market. The blessing, in the terminal there are opportunities by means of built in programming language MQL 4 to create the indicators.

For last year from the beginning of development of the indicator there were many interesting ideas. Many of these ideas are realized. Inflow of ideas was promoted by that the indicator was with the open code and was in an easy approach. This basic decision - to do the noncommercial indicator. As shows an expert, development of the noncommercial indicator - the optimum decision.

Theoretical part.
After short research there was an idea of association in one universal indicator of zigzags with various algorithms and automatic construction of patterns Pesavento and Fibo«-levels from crises ZigZag. Also it became clear, that it is possible to automate construction of various graphic tools, and not just patterns Pesavento and Fibo«-levels. Search of ideas by way of that it is possible to realize in the universal indicator has been organized. There was a task in view to open all potential opportunities which are incorporated in tool ZigZag. As a result it was possible to realize automatic construction of a plenty of known graphic tools. Also new graphic tools which idea has been offered by various people at forum ONIX have been realized some. Logic of work of the indicator simple: 1. We Submit on an input of the indicator of the quotation of the chosen financial tool; 2. By means of various ZigZag it is found on the chart high an low of the market; 3. To the found high an low it is adhered various graphic tools. The further work with the received graphic constructions assumes knowledge of logic of work with the chosen graphic tool. In given article description ZigZag, built in in ZUP will be resulted. Also there will be mentions of some graphic tools which have been built in in ZUP. Their detailed description will be in the second article, devoted to use of the built in graphic tools. I shall try to give the reference to primary sources in which the description of work with the graphic tools which have been built in the indicator is resulted. I believe, that it is necessary to study first of all primary sources for correct understanding of the ideas incorporated in graphic tools. Recently has read through the book [1]. A subtitle of this book - " Secrets of gold section ". In the book it is told about displays of gold section in all natural phenomena. After that has read through work [2]. These two literary sources have helped to understand, where, the indicator develops in what party. Earlier development went a little chaotically. I shall result some citations from work Ю.Н. The Sokolov:

« Whether there is in general a basis of a...
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