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UK Centre for Carnival Arts:

UK Centre for Carnival Arts:

Bodrul Haque (1227308), Madalina Vararu (1217870), Gurvinder Singh (1227860), Banusha Partheeban (1206812) & Shaun Mundy (1204908)

Bodrul Haque (1227308), Madalina Vararu (1217870), Gurvinder Singh (1227860), Banusha Partheeban (1206812) & Shaun Mundy (1204908)

November, 2012

November, 2012

Christmas Party Plan
Christmas Party Plan

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Introduction 2 3. Audience 3 4. Location 4 4.1. Decorations 4 5. Food & Drinks 5 6. Entertainment 5 6.1. Music & Dancing 5 6.2. Party Games & Entertainment 6 7. Promotion 8 7.1. UKCCA Website & Brochure 8 7.2. Social Media Marketing 8 7.3. Radio Lab 9 7.4. Flyer Distribution & Posters 9 7.5. Direct Sales 10 8. Financial Information 11 8.1. Expenses 11 8.2. Project Revenue 11 8.3. Project Profit 11 9. Conclusion 12 10. Works Cited 14 11. Appendices 16 Appendix 1 – List of party ideas 16 Appendix 2 – Cultural Background 17 Appendix 3 - Decorations 17 Appendix 4 – Break Even Chart 19

1. Executive Summary
During the month of November 2012, Sharmeen Ahmed, the Marketing & Events Officer at the UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA) asked first year students within the Business School at the University of Bedfordshire (UoB) to help organize a Christmas party event targeted at the student population within the Luton campus.
For this purpose, we have chosen a Hollywood themed Christmas party since it is a very popular theme amongst our age group due to its iconic cultural identity surrounding movie studios and movie stars. The dress code for our event, will allow guests to look their best and feel special by associating themselves with the Hollywood lifestyle. In this report we will further discuss what we are going to do in order to make this event a success through identifying our expenses, potential revenue and project profit and justifying why we consider our event to be a worthwhile investment.
2. Introduction
A long list of creatively themed party ideas has been developed for our potential event to be held at the UKCCA, through a critically focused brainstorming session. From this session, we came up with a list of 29 possible party themes that could potentially be held at the UKCCA (see Appendix 1). We then critically analysed each theme party, identifying whether it would appeal to our target audience. Based on our input as students and the market research gathered in the earlier phases we noticed that certain events would only attract a niche segment of the target within the UoB Luton campus. We did not pursue these theme parties due to the fact that even through various promotional channels we would not be able to fully maximise our profit margins due to low attendances and therefore, it would be impossible to make a return on our initial investment. Consequently, we shortened our list to just 8 theme parties and after a voting session we only considered the two most voted theme party: the Hollywood Christmas party and Heroes & Villains Christmas party.
In order to narrow our choices down to just one, we then considered the pros and cons for each of the themes, and the Hollywood won by being appealing to a larger audience and having fewer cons that the Heroes & Villains theme.
Within our report, we have discussed who our target audience is, how we are going to utilise the space and location at the UKCCA, the kind of food and entertainment will be on offer and the type of promotion we are going to use to attract our target audience. Since this is not a charitable event, we have also considered the financial element of organising such an event and have researched our suppliers/distributors based on the value offered for money.
3. Audience
Our Hollywood themed Christmas party is mainly targeting the student population within the UoB Luton campus. However, we believe that anyone can attend our event including the UoB staff. We believe that such a party would appeal to mostly everyone, regardless their age or gender, due to the fondness of Hollywood’s cultural identity and its association with blockbuster movie studios as well as the possibility of associating with the glitz and glamour of such an event for a few hours, through dressing up and having a good time. In order to better understand who would be attending our event and who we need to focus our advertising on, we took a look at who might still be here during the Christmas break.
In order to better understand who would be attending our event and who we need to focus our advertising on, we took a look at who might still be here during the Christmas break.
(The Student Room, N.D.) Statistics | Total Students: | 12,050 | Undergraduate: | 10,315 | Postgraduate: | 1,735 | International: | 23% | Mature: | 40% | Male:female | 40:60 | Staff: | 1,200 |
In order to find this, we took a look at the cultural background results (see Appendix 2) from our Market Research conducted in the previous month. By comparing the statistical data found on The Student Room website, we can see that our results were pretty accurate, with a mere 1.8% difference for international students, and therefore, can be taken into account. Using our common sense, we considered that 85% of international students, 75% of the EU students and 55% of the home students will be going home during the Christmas break. Therefore, from the 12,050 students attending courses within the UoB, only 4110 students will still be in the Luton area in that period. Since the capacity of our party location is of approximately 400 sittings, we believe that attracting just 10% of the remaining student population and having a sold-out event is not far-fetched.

4. Location
The UKCCA has four significant areas within its premises that are available for hire to the general public: * MAS Camp * MAS Café * Teaching rooms * The Technical Space

For our Hollywood Christmas party we would only be using the MAS Camp and the MAS Café and the facilities available within these two spaces, such as: * “Fold-out conference / theatre seating, standing or tables set out to your requirements … * Built-in sound system and sound desks * Fully flexible stages set up as required” (UKCCA, N.D.)

The sitting capacity of these two spaces is approximately 400, with 350+ in the MAS Camp and 50+ in the MAS Café. We believe the most convenient time to host such an event targeted at the student market would be around 6pm to midnight therefore, we have chosen this time slot from the UKCCA brochure based on their rate card.
4.1. Decorations
Since “The space truly is a blank canvas” (UKCCA, N.D.) we needed to think about the decorations that we were going to use for our event.
In order to set the mood of the party, our guests will enter the premises on a red carpet. Inside, they will find a glamorous atmosphere set by the gold and silver decorated Christmas tree, by gold and black balloons, themed wall decorations and appropriately themed music. The food will be served on golden paper plates along with Hollywood themed napkins (see Appendix 3 for cost details).
5. Food & Drinks
Even though most students will probably be attending the event for the party and not just for the food being served, this part still could not be left to chance. Looking through the menu the UKCCA provided us with, we decided that the best option for our party would be the Pick ‘n’ Mix 6 items (per person). We give our guests the pleasure of choosing what they would like to eat based on their preferences and dietary requirements and thus reinforcing the Hollywood atmosphere, where everyone gets what they desire.
In addition to this, we will also be providing our guests with the option of exchanging their entry ticket for a £2 drink from the bar. This can include anything from soft drinks to alcoholic drinks.
6. Entertainment
We all know that just offering students a party in a nice venue, some good food and drinks is not merely enough to attract them, especially if you are looking to make a profit out from this event. Therefore, we needed to consider how to entertain our guests. What would make them want to attend our event over others in the area? Using our own experience as students, we have come to the conclusion that a balanced mix of music, dancing and party games is the key to a successful Christmas party.
6.1. Music & Dancing
Being students ourselves we know what our target segment wants, music, DJ’s etc. But hiring an inexperienced DJ for a large scale event can be problematic and therefore, the event could be disrupted. In order to avoid this, we have decided that hiring a well-established DJ will be the best option in ensuring that mistakes are not made where music is concerned and that people will be well entertained during our party, regardless of their music taste and we believe it will also encourage people to join in, the dance.
For this purpose, we thoroughly searched online for the most valuable for price option. Based on the research we found that DJ Darren Gilbert has had a long DJ history for the past 15 years and that he has “DJed at hundreds of events ranging from weddings, birthday parties (all ages), engagement parties, children parties, and anniversaries through to corporate events, club nights, and themed functions (school disco, carwash etc.) at a diverse mix of venues” (GILBERT, Darren, N.D.)
Not only does he have more than 40,000 songs in his playlist, but he also has equipment that can improve our atmosphere such as lighting and special effects machines, 4 mirror-balls and he has spare & back-up equipment and public liability insurance.
His prices can be seen below: Prices (GBP) | | Up to 5 hours | Additional hours | Saturday | 400.00 | 50.00 | Friday, Sunday, Bank Holidays | 350.00 | 50.00 | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday | 275.00 | 50.00 | Xmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day | 500.00 | 75.00 | Xmas Day, New Year’s Eve | 750.00 | 100.00 |
(GILBERT, Darren, N.D.)
Due to availability issues, we decided that we would be having the party on the Friday, 21st December. Because of this, the total cost for hiring a DJ with all his extra equipment would amount to £400 in total (£350 + £50 for the extra hour).

6.2. Party Games & Entertainment
Given that this is a Christmas party, and not just your regular student party, we thought it would be a good idea to entertain our guest with a few social games.
Trivia Set – Each set contains 4 boxes and costs £5.99. We intend to buy 5 sets that will entertain guests for 20 tables. The boxes can be moved from table to table during the event so that each guest can play at least once. Total cost will amount to £29.95 and will be ordered online from retailer

5 Trivia game sets - £29.95
5 Trivia game sets - £29.95
“Talk, laugh, sing and dig into the depths of your memory with these fabulous ice breakers!” (PARTY PIECES, N.D.)

* Golden beads - £1.29/400 pcs
Golden beads - £1.29/400 pcs
Hollywood poll – On the flyer and the invitation we will state that we are going to have a poll for the Oscars and whoever wins get a special prize (an Oscar Statue). Before the party we will choose 5 movies to be nominated and create two bowls for each one. One will be set up at the entrance and one at the bar.

Oscar statue - £6.99
Oscar statue - £6.99
The game will go like this: Each person will receive a piece of paper at the entrance and will then write their name on it, they will then place it within any of the movie bowls (from the five) at the entrance, based on the movie they want to win this Oscar event. Then, during the party, every time a person orders a drink he/she will receive a golden bead (£1.29/400 beads) to place within one of the movie bowls placed at the bar. An hour before the end of the party the poll closes and beads will be counted from within each bowl to identify which movie had won. Based on this, from the respective winning movie bowl, a person will be selected at random as the winner of this event after which he/she will receive the Oscar statue prize.

* Stand-in couple cut-out - £4.99
Stand-in couple cut-out - £4.99
Stand-in Oscar statue cut-out - £29.49
Stand-in Oscar statue cut-out - £29.49
Stand-in cardboard cut-outs – In order to make the event memorable and fun, we thought to set up a celebrity couple stand-in cardboard cut-out in which our guests can take pictures and just play pretend for a little while. If people come without a partner, we would also set up an Oscar Statue stand-in cut-out, so we have everyone covered.

7. Promotion
In order to best reach our target audience and make sure that we will manage to have a sold-out event we need to consider many different ways to promote our event.
7.1. UKCCA Website & Brochure
The UKCCA always offers help to external promoters by advertising the events organised in its premises and since the cost for this type of promotion is included in the hire charge, we decided we should make the most of this opportunity. They say that “we will do what we can to assist you by putting your event on our website, getting it in the listings if we can, e-mailing our database and we will display your posters/flyers in the centre and the other places with which we have arrangements.” (UKCCA, N.D.) * Time before the event: All literature and artwork should be available to the UKCCA for approval and distribution 4-6 weeks prior to the event. (UKCCA, N.D.) * Cost: Creating such artwork and literature usually costs about £40 per hour, but since in our group we have 2 Marketing students, we will rely on them to provide the layouts and texts for the flyers, posters, newsletters and any other artwork.
7.2. Social Media Marketing
Facebook is a well-known social media site and currently has of over 1.2 billion users. The “average amount of time a person uses Facebook per month is 15 hours and 33 minutes” (STATISTIC BRAIN, 2012) and we already found that “88.8% of all respondents said they use social networking sites (SNSs) on a daily basis” (THE HUNGER MANAGEMENT TEAM, 2012) so this is an ideal way to reach our target audience. If we could draw their attention on Facebook for about 2-5 minutes we could make our Hollywood Christmas party well known and if we can make the advertisement stick in their minds which will eventually lead on to self-promotion through word of mouth. Before you know it, another 10-20 people will have heard about it via their friends. The advertising must relevant to them, we cannot just say come here at this time but actually acknowledge what they want from a party and play that card to attract them. * Time before the event – A Facebook event page can be set up in advance before the event actually takes place, but this allows people to forget about it if we do not remind them periodically. We could set up the event page about 4 weeks prior to the Hollywood Christmas party, and send regular updates to people who said they would definitely or maybe attend our event so it stays fresh in their memory. * Cost – Creating a Facebook event page is free, distributing and inviting people to the party is free as well.
Twitter & Instagram – Are important to spreading the news about our event as well, even though fewer people use these two platforms compared to the vast majority on Facebook. We can create a hash tag that people could use to tweet about our party (i.e. #UoBXmasParty) before the event on Twitter to get the word out and on the night of the event it can be used for uploading pictures taken in the stand-in cut-outs on Instagram using the same hash tag. * Time before the event – Twitter and Instagram promotion can start at the same time as the Facebook promotion. We can upload the event poster on Instagram and we can send daily notifications on Twitter referring to the event page on Facebook and poster photo on Instagram. * Cost – Both Twitter and Instagram are free to use, and since we are using members of our group to set the pages up and create artwork, we will not incur any charges.
7.3. Radio Lab
The University of Bedfordshire’s own radio station has 13-22,000 listeners each month and it is not just for internal listeners; people can tune in outside of the university as well and can be picked up as far as Peterborough. * Time before the event – Promotion on Radio Lab can start about 4 weeks before the party and we can have a weekly countdown towards the event on Friday from 10am-12pm to keep it in people’s memories and to keep them excited and in the mood for the party. * Cost – Since one of our group members is doing the Friday show, we have the opportunity of advertising our party without any extra costs. He could also ask some of his fellow presenters if they could mention the event from time to time in order to remind people that it will be taking place soon.
7.4. Flyer Distribution & Posters
Flyers are a very good alternative to online advertising that needs to be taken into account, since not all students are using social media. We need them for distribution within the UKCCA as well as within the university campus. * Time before the event – Flyers need to be distributed with maximum of two weeks in advance of the event so that people won’t forget about it and simply throw the flyer away without making an inquiry about it. * Cost – The distribution of the flyers can be done by members of the group so that we avoid any costs for that, but printing the flyers will not be free. After researching the market of flyer printing, we found that we can print 1000 flyers on A6 paper size at just £15.00 + a £4.99 shipping fee, making our cost per flyer ~£0.02. (INSTANTPRINT, N.D.)
Posters can be displayed within the UKCCA and its partners, as well as within the UoB as long as we get permission to. * Time before the event: We could set up posters 3 weeks before the event and make sure they stay up for the entire time until the event. * Cost: Distributing the posters to the UKCCA and the UoB will be free of charge, but we still need to print the posters. Using the same company as for the flyers, we will not incur the shipping fee twice, and the cost of printing out 50 posters on A3 paper will be £19.00 (INSTANTPRINT, N.D.)
7.5. Direct Sales
To maximise the distribution of tickets, we thought to set up a direct sales team constituted entirely of students within the UoB. * Time before the event: Ticket sales can start 4 week prior to the event so we have time to achieve the target of a sold-out party. * Cost: In order to motivate our sales team, we will pay them £0.50 for each ticket sold.

8. Financial Information
In order to make any event successful you need to set clear, SMART objectives. Our, objective was to maximise our profit margins without compromising our events theme (i.e. spending too little on props and decorations). However, our proposal has successfully managed to deliver profitability along with minimized costs without compromising our event. Further financial details can be seen below.
8.1. Expenses
Our expenses have been split into two categories: fixed costs – that do not change in the short term and variable costs – that change according to the number of people attending the event. A large proportion of our expenses went towards variables costs that were required in order for this event to happen. For example, the variables amount to £3,781.67, provided that we have a sold-out event. They included food costing £2,780.00, free dink vouchers that amounted to £800.00 and other sub expenses such as plates, napkins and sales commission.
Our fixed costs amounted to £1,651.99 and included costs such as the hiring of the MAS Camp (£624.00), PA system (£90.00), Sound and Light Technician (£100.00), decorations that totalled £749.15, along with promotional expenses of £59.00 and delivery charges that cost ~£29.84 in total. Therefore, our net expenses amounted to £5,433.66 in total.
Further detail on expenses can be found in the attached Excel spreadsheet.
8.2. Project Revenue
After analysing our expenses we critically discussed the best possible selling price we should pursue, based on the fact that we needed to cover all of our expenses as well as making a substantial return on our investment. Therefore, we decided to sell our tickets at £18.00 each + free drink vouchers from the bar as an incentive for such a high end price for the student market. So, from this we hope to generate revenues of £7,200.00 for the entire event, based on the projection we sell out our 400 tickets available on offer.
8.3. Project Profit
Based on the expenses and projected revenue, our proposal of a Hollywood theme party makes a return on investment, with a profit of £1,766.34 based on the project assumption that we sell out, which we strongly believe we are capable of doing, due to the high popularity of such an event.
For a more detailed financial and costing statement please see the attached Excel spreadsheet.

9. Conclusion
Based on the research carried out through several sources, we have identified that our idea of a Hollywood theme party would best suit UKCCA’s pursuit of a Christmas theme party idea and therefore, we have summarized our key findings as to why our party should be considered and selected by the UKCCA due to the attractiveness and profitability of our proposal.
Our target audience, as mentioned earlier, is primarily the student population at the UoB Luton campus. However, in order to maximise our profit margin we believe that our Hollywood themed event can appeal to the mass audience i.e. the staff and other students from surrounding colleges in the area. This way, we believe we can generate as much profit as possible from sales and therefore, would make a substantial return on our investment. Furthermore, by comparing our own research with statistical data produced by the Student Room, we have learnt that we only really need to get at least 10% of the students at the UoB’s Luton campus to come to our party to realistically sell out our Christmas party event.
In regards to the location, our Hollywood Christmas theme party will be held at the UKCCA and we intend to only use the MAS Camp and the MAS Café. Based on our experience as students we decided that the most convenient time to host our party would from 6pm to midnight on the 21st of December.
We are committed to providing our guests a memorable night and therefore, have also included food in our package. From the UKCCA menu we have selected the Pick ‘n’ Mix 6 items per person option as we give our guests the pleasure of selecting what they would like to eat based on their preferences and dietary requirements.
We believe that having two major non-stop entertainments going on side by side is all we need to start and end the evening on a good note. Therefore, we have chosen to have the “Music and Dance” as one of the night’s entertainments with a DJ on location to enhance the atmosphere and vibe surrounding our event. The second entertainment we have planned is “Party Games” with the intention of allowing our guest to play, through our extensive range of “Trivia Sets” and the “Hollywood Poll”.
We strongly felt that in order to make our event successful we would need to go all out in ensuring that our event is covered through various social media/promotional channels therefore, we have chosen a broad selection of channels to advertise and promote our events through, which are listed below. * Promoting on the UKCCA website and brochures * Social Media Marketing * Radio Lab (University’s own radio station) * Flyer Distribution and Posters * Direct sales
We believe that the UKCCA should thoroughly analyse our proposal and should pursue our Hollywood party theme as their main Christmas party attraction. Based on the findings and recommendations we believe that our proposal has the potential to make a substantial amount of profit based on our financial information provided. We have pursued competitive prices from the online retailers in order to minimise our costs so that our profit margins are significantly higher. In reference to the data, we believe our proposal has the potential to make approximately ~£1,800.00 in profit. Furthermore, we have analysed our data and found that in order to breakeven we need to sell at least 193 tickets (see Appendix 4). However, due to the popularity of our theme we strongly believe that we can make this event a success for us and the UKCCA and intend to create a growing relationship with the UKCCA over the coming years.

10. Works Cited
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Google Image | Images Accessed | Retrieved 11 25, 2012 from and others

Front Page -

Page 3 -

Page 4 -

Page 6 -

Page 7 -

Edge to edge image - Produced by the Hunger Management Team

Page 10 -

11. Appendices

Appendix 1 – List of party ideas
Below is a list of all our initial party themes: 1. Arabian Nights 2. Country & Western 3. Eurovision 4. Grande Casino 5. Hawaiian Luau 6. Masquerade 7. New York – New York 8. Race Night 9. 70’s Flashback 10. 1920’s Prohibition 11. Hollywood Party 12. Black & White 13. Night at the Circus 14. Sparkle Party 15. Best of Britain Party 16. Heroes & Villains 17. Winter Wonderland 18. Fire & Ice 19. Disco Party 20. Medieval Banquet 21. High school Stereotype 22. Seasonal Calendar Party 23. Rock & Roll 50’s 24. Swinging 60’s 25. Nautical Party 26. Neon Party 27. Pirate Party 28. The Oscars Party 29. Pink Panther Party

Appendix 2 – Cultural Background

Appendix 2 – Cultural Background (The Hunger Management Team, 2012)
Appendix 2 – Cultural Background (The Hunger Management Team, 2012)

Appendix 3 - Decorations 1. Red carpet – £5.99 each (x2) 2. Hollywood star attraction red carpet room setter – £11.99 (x1) 3. Hollywood star attraction city scape scene setter – £11.99 (x1) 4. Hollywood starry night room scene setter – £11.99 (x1) 5. Hollywood star attraction Hollywood stars border line – £4.97 each (x3) 6. Celebrity stand-in cardboard cutout – £4.99 (x1) 7. Golden award statue stand-in cardboard cutout – £29.49 (x1) 8. Hollywood party table confetti – £1.29 each (x70) 9. Christmas tree – £55.99 (x1) 10. Additional Christmas tree decorations – £9.99 (x1) 11. Golden ribbon – £2.99 (x1) 12. Gold table trivia set – £5.99 each (x3) 13. Hollywood Oscar award – £6.99 (x1) 14. Glass pearl round beads – £1.29 (x1) 15. Latex balloons – £14.99 (x1) 16. Helium balloon filler – £36.99 (x1) 17. Party balloon pump – £2.99 (x1) 18. Hollywood themed paper plates (16pk) – £2.99 (x25) 19. Hollywood themed paper napkins (50pk) – £3.49 (x8)

Appendix 4 – Break Even Chart

Appendix 4 – Shows that we need to sell at least 193 tickets in order to break even so we neither make a loss nor a profit from our operation.
Appendix 4 – Shows that we need to sell at least 193 tickets in order to break even so we neither make a loss nor a profit from our operation.

Cited: STATISTIC BRAIN. 2012. Social Networking Statistics | Statistic Brain. [online]. [Accessed 24 November 2012]. Available from World Wide Web: THE HUNGER MANAGEMENT TEAM Appendix 2 – Cultural Background (The Hunger Management Team, 2012) Appendix 2 – Cultural Background (The Hunger Management Team, 2012)

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