Parts of the Digestive System

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Parts of the digestive system
The digestive system consists primarily of the alimentary canal, a tube that extends from the mouth to the rectum. As food moves through this canal, it is ground and mixed with various digestive juices. Most of these juices contain digestive enzymes, chemicals that speed up reactions involved in the breakdown of food. The stomach and the small intestines, which are parts of the alimentary canal, each produce a digestive juice. Other digestive juices empty into the alimentary canal from the salivary glands, gall bladder, and pancreas. These organs are also part of the digestive system.

Part 1
Location of the parts that are in the Digestive System

Part 2 Parotid salivary gland- above oral area Oral cavity- the mouth area

Tongue- Oral cavity
Teeth – Oral cavity
Sublingual and submandibular salivary gland-Oral cavity
Pharynx- Throat
Stomach- Left side above the pancreas
Liver-Right side next to stomach
Pancreas-Left side below stomach
Gall bladder- Right side below liver
Duodenum-Right side under the Liver
Large intestine-ascending, transverse, descending, below stomach Jejunum-small intestine, below stomach under large intestine Rectum-lower back buttock area

How I will remember the location s: I will divide body into quadrants and memorize by sections

Part 3
Mouth= Mechanical Digestion
Stomach=Chemical Digestion and Propulsion
Intestines= Propulsion and absorption
Part 4
Propulsion= the movement of food through the alimentary canal starting from the mouth to the anus. (Peristalsis) The rippling motion of muscles in the digestive tract In the stomach, this motion mixes food with gastric juices, turning it into a thin liquid. Absorption= the penetration of a substance within the inner structure of...
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