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A partnership that focuses on social inclusion issue using a sports initiative The following essay is going to analyses a partnership between three organisations that make up a project called ‘Kickz’. The organisations are the Football Foundation, the Sky Blues in the community and the Metropolitan Police. These three organisations form a partnership to tackle social exclusion in communities. Roberts argues “The concept of social exclusion has become the preferred, political and ideologically saturated, label used to refer to the forms of disadvantage that ate said to be experienced by those groups who are identified as ‘disadvantaged’ in one way or another.” (Roberts. 2009.) The essay will first introduce the three organisations individually stating their aims and objectives of their partnership formed. It will then identify the sector each organisation works in and show an understanding of the sectors overall aims, also showing how they align to the individual aims of producing the initiative known as ‘Kickz’. The essay will then address the identification and understanding of social inclusion issues linked to the organisations and partnership, it will then discuss how the partnership uses sport to tackle specific social inclusion issues which state the advantages and disadvantages. It will also highlight some recommendations and improvements that the challenges pose from working together that will benefit the organisations and partnerships. Robson (2008.) highlights a partnership “The Oxford English Dictionary (2006: 543) defines ‘partnership simply as an ‘association of two or more people as partners’, a partner being a person who takes part in a business or other undertaking with another person or group’.” (Robson. 2008.) The first organisation is the Football Foundation; this is similar to the voluntary sector, the Football Foundation is funded by the English Premier League, Sports England, the Government and the Football Association. It is the UK’s largest sports charity. The Foundation receives money from the top end of the footballing game and pumps the money back in at grass roots level to give people who are less fortunate the opportunities of brand new facilities in their communities, they try and tackle social inclusion as they are involved in the programmes ‘Kickz’. ‘Kickz’ started in 2006 and has a version to build safer, stronger and more respectful area, this is to try stop crimes happening on streets. They try and target young people and offer them sports and constructive activities to develop people’s potentials that they see at ‘risk’. (Kickz. 2012). The aims of the organisation are to improve facilities, create opportunities and build communities throughout the whole of England. All the organisations work closely together with one another so that their mutual objectives are achieved. The Football Foundation also work closely with the Premier league to achieve positive social outcomes, they try to integrate professional clubs and players into wider and more ambitious community activities getting more young people involved throughout the country, this is giving people the chance to see their role models get involved in there community. There also involved with the F.A to retain the number of people taking part in football and try to increase this by introducing new participants to the national game, whilst doing this they try to introduce safe playing environments for all the people involved in the game through-out the country. (Football Foundation. 2012.) The second organisation is the Sky Blues in the Community; this is a registered charity which also makes it a voluntary sector. The organisation sets up projects all across Coventry and Warwickshire, they gets over 10,000 people involved every year, they do this on behalf of Coventry City Football Club. The aim of the Sky Blues in the Community is to get people from all ages and from all backgrounds involved in sports. They believe that football...

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