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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts” -

Jeff Bezos

Goal: “to be earth’s most customer centric company”
YouTube video:
Q) Why e-commerce business in India for amazon?
By 2015, e-commerce is expected to grow to about $ 10 billion. Hence, amazon entered Indian eretail market first with and finally with Strategy: Amazon starts with the customer and work backwards. Amazon virtuous cycle

Few interesting facts about amazon:

Observe the river starts at ‘A’ & ends at ‘Z’ – they deliver anything from A to Z (They are always looking for category expansion and hence they need Category managers for Vendor negotiation/getting new vendors on board). (Why did Jeff Bezos choose the name ‘Amazon’?)

b) Every employee spends two days every year on the service desk handling customer calls (Even CEO- you may get lucky to meet Jeff Bezos on call someday). c) Door Desks – Quintessential example of Amazon’s frugality. Amazon always spends on things that matter most to the customers and are frugal in everything else. d) Amazon Private Labels : Amazon Basics/Kindle brand/Pike Street/pinzon e) Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, a maker of robots used in e-commerce fulfilment centres.

f) worldwide has 209 million active customer accounts and 200 million seller accounts.
g) Amazon allows its own competitors to sell using its platform- reason?? – Customer!! Customer service is critical for e-retail. Often, online shoppers select an item for purchase but fail to complete the transaction. The conversion rate of internet shoppers among top 100 internet retailers all over the world is about 5 % ( source : Philip Kotler, marketing)

Things that you should be aware for interview:
1) and website, payment methods and special features about user interface.
2) Different Categories available...
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