Part Time Job of Grameen Phone

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An Experimental Study
Part Time Job in Grameen Phone

Prepared for

Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Rafiul Huque
Course instructor

Prepared by
Mohammad Imam Hossain
ID: 1130580
Md. Fakrul Alam Chowdhury
ID: 1130581
Noshin Zaman
ID: 1130654
Mahmuda Khatun
ID: 1130665

Letter of Transmittal

July 28, 2011

Dr. S. M. Rafiul Huque
Course Instructor
School of Business
Independent university, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of the report.


It is our pleasure to submit the report on “part time job in Grameen phone”. The report is submitted as part of the partial completion of our Course.

The aim of this report is to ascertain the rationale of doing part time job in Grameen phone and the benefits people are getting from Grameen phone.

We believe this report is quite enough to fulfill the fundamental reason of preparing this report.

We want to have the opportunity to give answers to your queries, if any.

Sincerely yours,
Mohammad Imam Hossain
Md. Fakrul Alam Chowdhury
Noshin Zaman
Mahmuda Khatun


First, we would like to thank the almighty God.

We express our heartiest gratitude to our supervisor Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Rafiul Huque, course instructor, School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh for his valuable guidance, scholarly direction, and unconditional support during our tenure in the research. We have learned lots of thing from him during the course schedule time. His counseling makes us more sincere, and responsible.

Our heartiest thanks go to the part time employees of Grameen phone, for their quick response on our provided questionnaire, without this the report would not complete.


Subject page no

Executive Summary6

Chapter I

1.1 Introduction 7

1.2 Motivations Behind the Study7

1.3 Objectives of the Report8

1.4 Scope of the Study8

1.5 Methodology of the Study8

1.6 Limitations 8

Chapter II

(2.1) Background of GP9

(2.2) What Is Part Time Job?10

(2.3)Rules of Part Time Job11

(2.4)Importance of Part Time Job 11

Chapter III

(3.1) Who works part time?12

(3.2) Causes of doing Part Time Job in Grameen Phone?12

(3.3) Job Security13

(3.4) Career development13

Subject page no

(3.5) Satisfaction levels14

(3.6) Benefits and entitlement14

(3.7) Salary Structure in GP14

(3.8) Part time work and benefits15

(3.9) Effect of Part Time Job15

Chapter V

5.1 Conclusion16

5.2 Recommendation16



Table-1: Causes of Doing Part Time Job in GP 12

Table-2: Salary Structure of Part Time Job in GP 15


This research is basically performing to get the rationale of, why a part time job holder in Grameen Phone, serving Grameen Phone as a part time employee and what they get from this job ?

Most of the Grameen Phone’s part time employees are student. Consequently, we need to know, is there any impact on their study for doing part time job and the salary they are getting from Grameen Phone where they use it? Is this quite enough for them to fulfill their needs?

To find out all of these answers and for the conclusion we need to generate some primary data. Therefore, we are planning to conduct a survey among the employees of Grameen Phone, who are serving Grameen Phone as a part time employee. In addition to do these, we have prepared a questionnaire and through this questionnaire reply we were able to evaluate and make a conclusion regarding this issue.


(1.1) Introduction:

There has been considerable debate about the reasons underlying the growth in part time work and whether it...
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