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Part Time Job

By wzx251901542 Mar 07, 2015 698 Words
  It has never been a big question on the benefits for

university student to have a part-time job rather than

pay attention to studying. It goes without saying that

university student prefer to choose a part-time job in

many countries, they want to have a valuable and

colorful life in the university, a part-time job can give

student some different experiences. It will give student

some social experience to make them more active. I will

discuss the positive and negative influences of having a

art-time job, then I will give my opinion.

    There have several positive influences on university

student. Firstly, a part-time job is a good choice for us.

In general, we will have face-to-face communication

with local people who speaks english, it will improve our

speaking. At the same time, you learn how to maintain

good relation with other people. When doing a part-time

job, we always can acquire some necessary knowledge

and skills, which the teacher does not teach you.

Sometimes students need those valuable experience to

explore unknown fields to develop future career.

Secondly. Writefix(2011) says" taking a part-time job

poses a source of benefits. Thanks to earning their own money,

students may provide partly for their demand, relieving

financial burden of their families"。when we are children in

school, parents have the ability and responsibility to

give us money for our lives. When  we are adults, we

cannot depend on our parents, we should learn to be

independent, so a part-time job helps us how to

manage and administrate our own money and time, it is

good for our future career. Thirdly, social experience

plays a significant role in our life. We will eventually

integrate into society and not always stay in school,

because we will get a job to feed our family and marry.

Sometimes social experience is not similar to school

experience, it seems like a new subject which you never

study, so a part-time job provides us with a valuable

platform to get it.

    Different people have different thoughts. A huge

amount of people think student's primary task is to

learn, not how to make money. Middleearthni(2010)

says" Teens want to work for a variety of reasons, but

more than half report their involvement in work is

motivated by the desire to buy things."So some

students want to have a part-time job to acquire money,

they will become snobbish, there is no doubt that this

phenomenon is dangerous for students. they cannot

pay attention to studying. In addition, when university

student have a part-time job, they cannot often play

with their friends together, as time goes by, we will lose

some friends and become isolated. Besides, some

part-time job will consume our energy, we do not have

enough energy to study our subject. As young people,

we have some energy to work and live, if it disappears,

our study and life will appear a lot of problems.

    All things considered, it can be concluded that the

advantages of having a part-time job in the university

outweigh the disadvantage that. I think a part-time job

is significant to us, because we can accumulate social

experience, it can help us adapt to community quickly

and save a lot of time to do what we want to do, this is

valuable experience that we need. Sometimes

university student studies and do some homework all

day, they need relax to release pressure, so this is why

a huge number of students chooses to do it. I believe it

will become the memory of unusual in university life.

               Linpearl89 (December 18, 2011) Should students work part time during university studies, Available at: (Accessed: 26th November).                                                                 

middleearthnj (April 2,2010) Teenagers and part-time jobs:

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