Part Time Job

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As a young child growing up my parents always told me to study, study, and study! That my main priority should be to get a better education and I shouldn’t have to worry about money because that was their job as parents. Well this has stuck with me throughout my educational career so far. I personally have not had a job until this day. My parents would tell me that being a student was my job and that I should be good at it just like I would do if it was a paid job. Well I feel as if I would have had a job I wouldn’t of have continued my education like fellow classmates that I know.

Obtaining a job at such an early life has its advantages such as being introduced into the work filed preparing an individual for the future. High School students are being exposed to how to behave professionally and manage their money and time wisely. Thomas Lu, who wrote the article, Should students work part-time during the school year? Claims that by students working at an early age they will be at an advantage from those who don’t. Stating that these particular students will be allowed to start learning about the working world. He mentions how the academic status and financial situation should be taken into consideration because otherwise it will just harm them instead of helping them. I think that is a very important fact.

Nick Somoski, also states her counter opinion to the subject Should students work part-time during the school year? He unlike Mr. Lu believes that a job is no good for young teenagers in high school. He mentions how high school students should take advantage of the fact that their parents still have to support them financially. High school should be spend focusing on their studies and not taking away time that should be spend studying and preparing them from following their education and not wasting that time working. He brings up a great point when he mentions that the only reason why high school students who work part time has risen is because they have...
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