Part 1 and Part 2 of the Assignment:

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Part 1 of the Assignment:
Name three types of services or help offered by the Academic Tutoring and Success Center (this is different from Smarthinking).
The Academic Tutoring and Success Center offers live tutoring, one on one coaching and management skills. These skills help me to become a better student.
Which service do you think will be most helpful to your success as an online student? Explain how you will use this service. The service that I think will be most helpful to my success as an online student is the academic success coaching. I will use this service to help me with time management and differently I will need to use the academic motivation. I am not a great writer so basic writing skills will also be of a great help to me because I am lacking in those skills. I will and can use the knowledge of basic computer skills especially APA Style and MLA.

Part 2 of the Assignment:
Access the Smarthinking Home page by following the instructions provided in this week's Learning Activities.

Take a screenshot of the Smarthinking Home page.
Paste the screenshot into the same Microsoft Word document used to answer the ATSC questions.

Welcome Lakeisha
Are you sure you want to log out of Smarthinking?

* Reserved Sessions
* Personal Archive
* Manage Account
* Customer Service
* Writing Center
* Drop-In Tutoring
* Scheduled Tutoring
* Offline Questions
* Academic Resources
You are here :Services
WARNING: We recommend users accessing whiteboard related services using IE 7 or IE 8, switch to either IE 9, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome at this time. Doing so will greatly enhance your experience. If you need subject matter tutoring for a course that is not available via SmarThinking, please request a tutor or attend a live webcam tutoring session at the Academic Tutoring & Success Center (ATSC):  

Welcome to...
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