Parson at Morgan Stanley

Topics: Motivation, Expectancy theory, Feedback Pages: 5 (1607 words) Published: April 12, 2013
From our previous analysis we concluded that It was the wisest choice to promote Parson. However it is obvious that this sensitive case may bring some problems in the near future.

In the first place we have to analyze again who Parson is, the type of person he is and his personality. Then we have to agree on the path the company wish to take concerning it’s culture and it’s system of values.

Parson is a type C personality, he is highly active and efficient, but lacks some belonging feelings and managing skills. His key characteristics are that he is an innovative, individualistic, versatile person and is attracted to entrepreneurial ideas. Parson is resourceful in solving challenging problems but neglects routine assignments. Parson falls under only about five percent of the population.

We said is the previous analyses that the company culture was wanted to be shaken, but it’s path cannot deviate from it’s intrinsic and original values since it is was brings it all its particularity, ethic recognition and “ One Firm Firm” status. Therefore we’ll consider that the firm values will not deviate from what it is known to be.

We will divide this analysis in two parts, First we will analyse what problems this promotion could bring, and then we’ll try to give strategic answers to solve them.

We will first develop the problems that may cause Parson promotion in the business results of the company. Then analyze how this promotion can hurt the company culture and Morgan Stanley’s work force. Finally we’ll briefly analyze the dangerous lack of belonging feeling of Parson himself.

It may influence the business of the department :

Parson is the type of challenger needed to achieve the hard task in the department, he has been extremely efficient in the business and built some strong relationship with new clients. His promotion to senior manager may affect the business results for the following reasons.

-First, the fact that he has been a sole player in the business linked the clients directly to him, and secondly to the company. His promotion after only one year of work with the client may affect some clients that will soon feel unsatisfied with the services not provided by himself.

-The task he was doing has been recognized as a task that need guts feeling, talent, and a rare kind of personality. Parson being promoted the “field” job will go to someone else whose failure is highly possible.

-Finally, because of his poor managerial skills and the hardness of the task, Parson will feel the need to intervene personally in the tasks, he will be likely not to delegate but to do the job himself, which will lead to subordinate frustration and a poor managing job.

It may hurt the company culture and its workers :

Parson got the business running in less than a year with outstanding results buy breaking all the rules and getting though the company culture. We’ve seen that Parson was the most efficient worker at this difficult post that the company had ever seen. His subordinate and colleagues recognize his high efficiency and outstanding skills. However they reveal clearly his lack of Leadership and Management of people (2,5 / 5), Evaluation , Development and Coaching (2/5) , Management of Divers Workforce (2/5).

-It is said that a Managing Director has to “Lead by Example”. Parson being a Managing Director will not only bring a example of efficiency and imaginative strategies but also a culture-careless way of handling things which may strongly hurt the company culture.

-People-wise, the promotion of Parson may lead to some disagreement from the subordinates, letting them feel that efficiency is the sole criterion for promotion.
-It will also lead in a loss of faith in the 360° feedback system.

Parson Intrinsic lack of belonging feeling :

- Another dangerous problem directly linked to Parson is his lack of belonging.He found some aspects of working in the firm...
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