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Parody is a literary device that uses mimic to make comments on something or someone. People imitate a style or thing to mock or critique someone or something. Parody is the art of mocking someone or something by imitating them or their style.
One phenomenal example of a parody is Family Guy. Family guy uses a lot of imitation throughout their series. They once used a poster of a film of Star Wars and imitated it, simply to make fun of Star Wars. They just copied the scene.
Another great example of a parody is the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover which is the most imitated image in pop history. Many people who come to London imitate the famous picture of the Beatles. Even Paul McCartney imitated the famous cover of his former band, simply for fun with no further meaning.
Pastiche and parody are very similar, but there is a small difference, so make sure you write this down.
Pastiche is also a literary device and also concludes mimic. Pastiche holds up a mirror in order to mock and question cultural values.
One example of pastiche towards McDonalds is the following one. This image shows that that McDonalds is selling their products saying that they are healthy and can be of no harm, while actual investigations have shown that the food is completely unhealthy, and that it makes you thick. Therefore, the message is: All the big guys behind McDonalds are simply thinking with dollar signs in their eyes, because their only goal is to sell as much as possible.
So the difference between parody and pastiche is the purpose of the mimicking: Parody uses mimicking simply to make fun of someone or something or to copy it, while pastiche copies something to hold up a mirror and comment or critique.

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