Parliamentary Government Versus Presidential Government

Topics: Presidential system, Parliamentary system, Parliament Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: October 7, 2010
The focused now is to have “good governance” – sustained, institutionalized capacity of the government to make the right decisions and policies to implement in solving problems and give what the people deserves to have for the common good. We are indeed suffering from various problems; poverty, underemployment, low incomes, homelessness, graft and corruption and etc. We, Filipinos, believe that changing the system of government through constitutional reform or Charter Change (ChaCha) will lead us to achieve good governance. But we can’t still conclude that changing the system is the answer to all the things we want to change and achieve because there are still factors that we should consider. Philippines is a country in Asia that gives so much value on nationalism and because of the people’s nationalistic attitude, we are united in our struggle for democracy. Professor S.E. Finer’s put democracy in its definition, “government which is derived from public opinion and is accountable to it.” The government should be accountable in its existence and to opinions of the people that are expressed freely. People started becoming aware to their civic and political rights and to the idea of modernization that they are expressing freely through their opinions and demands to have a government that could effectively lead them through modernization. And some of these Filipinos truly believe that presidential government was not the government they needed. Our government is somewhat like that of the US government, some critics believe that a presidential form of government is not suitable in the country because we are not like the United States. There is the so called “consensual” nature of the American society that we do not have. There are times that we are united during revolutions but there are still schisms or divisions among our people. Grossholtz, characterizes Philippine political culture as “bargaining culture” because our political culture dominated our political...
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