Parliament Vs President

Topics: Presidential system, Separation of powers, Parliamentary system Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Presidential vs. Parliamentary

Presidential and parliamentary government systems are two main forms of democratic political systems and executive-legislative relations. Both hold advantages, disadvantages and similarities. With fluctuating stability, both systems of government have had their share of prosperity, with the ability to maintain.

In the presidential government system a president is elected into office by qualified citizens. Those same citizens are also obligated to elect a legislature into office as well. By separating the executive and legislative branch this creates a system of checks and balances in order to ensure no one branch is assuming too much power. Both branches of the presidential government hold responsibilities that differ, leaving the accountability for its actions, for the most part, solely within that one branch. In the executive branch the chief executive or president along with his appointed cabinet and administrative departments are responsible for implementation of policies or laws. The extent of the president’s power is actually limited due to the system of checks and balances against the legislative branch. For example, In the American presidential system the president has the power to veto acts of the legislature, but it’s also possible that the legislature can turn right around and over turn the veto. Most acts of the president must pass through the legislature and it’s approval. For example, the president does not have the power to appoint judges within the judicial branch directly into office, the decision requires a voting process done within the legislative branch. Most of the president’s power in the American presidential system is found within the administration of the country’s foreign affairs. For example, the president also acts a Commander in Chief, although he does not have the right to declare war, he does have the power to deploy troops if need be. The president along with the legislature usually have a...
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