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Parle-G biscuit
Parle-G or Parle Glucose is a brand of biscuits manufactured by Parle Products in India. As of 2011, it is the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world according to Nielsen.[1] Contents
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History[edit source | editbeta]
Parle Products was established in the Vile Parle suburb of Mumbai, in 1929. It began manufacturing biscuits in 1939. In 1947, when India became independent, the company launched an ad campaign, showcasing its Gluco brand of biscuits as an Indian alternative to the British biscuits.[2] Parle-G biscuits were earlier called 'Parle Gluco' Biscuits until 1980s. The "G" in the name Parle-G originally stood for "Glucose", though a later brand slogan also stated "G means Genius". In 2013, Parle-G became India's first domestic FMCG brand to cross the  5,000 crore in retail sales.[3] -------------------------------------------------

Marketing[edit source | editbeta]
Primarily eaten as a tea-time snack, Parle-G is one of the oldest brand names in India. For decades, the product was instantly recognized by its iconic white and yellow wax paper wrapper with the depiction of a young girl named Gunjan Gundaniya on the front. Now it is available in plastic wrapping. Design of packing is same as earlier. When company change the packing of Parle-G from wax paper to plastic, they make a ad of putting of Parle-G in fish tank. The Brand Trust Report, published by Trust Research Advisory in 2011, ranked Parle in the 58th place as the Most Trusted brands of India. As of January 2013, Parle-G's strong distribution network covered over 6 million retail stores in India.[4] The low price is another important factor in Parle-G's popularity. Outside India, it is sold for 99 cents for a 418 gram pack as of 2012. A more common 80 gram "snack pack" is sold for as low as 15 cents at Indian grocers, and 40 cents at major retailers.  

Profile Of Parle G Company:-

Parle Glucose
biscuits, manufactured by Parle Products Pvt Ltd, are one of the mostpopular biscuitsinIndia. Parle-G is one of the oldest brand names as well as the largest selling brand of biscuits in India. For decades, the product was instantly recognized by its iconic white and yellowwaxpaper wrapper with the depiction of a young girl on the front. Counterfeit companies have attempted torecreate and sell lower quality products of similar names with virtually identical package design.The company'ssloganis G means Genius

. The name, "Parle-G", is derived from the name of thesuburban rail station,Vile Parlewhich in turn is based on village Parle in olden days (there is also areacalled Irle nearby where theParle Agroproduction factory is based).This popular biscuit is primarily eaten as a tea-time snack.Parle-G is the largest selling biscuit in the world. It has a 70% market share in India in the glucose biscuitcategory followed by Britannia, Tiger (17-18%) and ITC's Sunfeast (8-9%). The brand is estimated to beworth over Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion), and contributes more than 50 per cent of the company's turnover (Parle Products is an unlisted company and its executives are not comfortable disclosing exact numbers). Last fiscal, Parle had sales of Rs. 3,500 crore (Rs. 35 billion). It also is popular across the world and is starting to sell in Western Europe and US * History and Evolution ITC was incorporated on August 24, 1910 under the name Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. As the Companys ownership progressively Indianised, the name of the Company was changed from Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited to India Tobacco Company Limited in 1970 and then to I.T.C. Limited in 1974. In recognition of the Companys multi-business portfolio encompassing a wide range of businesses -...
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