Parle: New Brand Launch

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Parle –Xhale, New Brand Launch
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Parle is the market leader in the candy market with its brand portfolio covered with different varieties from Melody to Poppins to Mango Bite to Kismi Toffee Bar to Toffee to Orange Candy and to Chox. Till some time back the focused target market segment was children. You can take it in theoretical way like. Target Segment Kids Melody, Kismi Poppins, Mango Bite, Orange Flavored Mint based Teeth Whitener

Product Category

Adults Chocolate & Milk based

With candy based portfolio was successful in the market. But as the time and consumer preference changed the market congestion with different brands like Alpinlebe, Coffee Bite, Marbels, Big Babol has created a need of restructuring of brand portfolio of Parle. Now the need was to enter into a different market segment or new product in the existing segment. Parle opted to enter into adult market chewing gum with the brand Xhale-strictly for adults. In the chewing gum based candies, the adult segment was pre occupied by the brands like Orbit white, Happy Dent and Variants of Central fresh by Wrigley. On the other hand non chewing gum based mint candies like Polo from Wrigley, Minto-Fresh from ITC, Cloro-Mint, Halls and its variants have further increased the options for consumers. The same market forced HLL and Cadbury, Parry, Candico and Joyco to shrink or move out of the market. With this market chaos four categories have emerged: Mint based candies with brands like Polo, Halls, Minto-Fresh; Milk and Chocolate toffees with brands like Nestle Éclairs and Kismi; Flavored toffees with brands like Orange Candy, Mango Bite. The adult market for candies was restricted to teeth whitener, mint and some more chocolate based candies by Nestle.

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