parkway nursing

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Parkway Nursing
Gerd finger founder and CEO of NEwskool Grooves , Gerd was facing some management challenges in so many different direction and asked for our advice on how to keep his organization successful. The main areas addressed would include organizational structure and boundary less organizations, organizational culture, human resources and organizational socialization. Boundary less organization is organizations that seek to eliminate the chain of command, have limitless span of control, and replace departments with empowered teams. Since this organization is a boundary less organization it is characterized by communicating mainly through email, phone and other virtual methods rather than more traditional face- to- face communication, the freedom to telecommunicate with international employees removes geographical barriers to productivity and allows for schedule flexibility. their might also some disadvantages, that is the message often gets complicated while reaching the low level stuffs, frequently the message gets overloaded and, as a result , loses to accuracy sometimes, lack of openness and trust between managers and employees causes the message to get altered . Newskoll Grooves has taken on a modern from of organizational structure and thus managing it in a traditional sense might not be in Gerd interest but changing old practices and creating new practice based on organizational theories and proven research would serve his best interest . our report informed, indentified ,and deal with issue Gerd believes was essential and we also include a couple of recommendation based on our organizational behavior knowledge . Organizational structure and boundary less organization

Organization are networking together and collaborating more than ever before. The concept of a boundaryless organization was invented at general electric and explained in the book the boundaryless organization ;breaking the tans of chains of organizational structure . they are perfect for rapid innovation, and therefore ideal for companies in the growing technology industry . Boundaryless organizations transcend the rigid lines of bureaucracy and divisional boundaries within a corporation and ignore the borders where the corporation itself is separated from its markets, customers and stakeholders’ defines finance focusing adaptive behavior, this organic structures welcome and thrive on change the informal managerial style is well suited for intricate and non- standard work . Some main example of these boundaryless organizations include strategic alliance, modular, virtual and network organization . Based on what we have observed, the structure Newskool groves seems to have applied is a network organization .(Cadden,Leuder and Knowledge) stated a networkorganiztion is one in which companies outsource their major business functions in order to focus more on what they are in business to do . Some benefits of this structure include • Overhead is reduced and operating efficiency is increased thus helping Newskool in being cost- competitive . • By being a network structure and by extension boundary less Newskool Grooves can boast of being lean and streamlined • New non- traditional roles relating to coordinating business processes are created from this structure • The ability to employ outsourcing strategies and contract out specialized business functions. Some of the drawbacks of this structure include;-

• No strong sense of loyality towards the company would be maintained due to outsourcing for example, if the programmers in Kiev are offered better job elsewhere Newskoolstands to lose vaued personnel • Ased on the complexity o f Newskool’s structure coordinating and managing said structure can become quite problematic. • Falk recognized that organizations that break down the four boundaries will be faster, more flexible, better able to assemble their resources into products and services (this is the integrative dimension), and...
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